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Acrylic dip glitter powder absorbs millions of powder This girl makes the Russians stunned!


This 90-year-old girl used the short video to become a vertical field of opinion leader, to make herself a personified IP, for half a year to grow into a super seller in the subcategory, and reconstruct the previous logic of selling goods.

Fingertip painting the stars, fingertip painting the ocean, and fingertip nail business can not be underestimated.

The first time I saw a nail art video, I saw a nail art video, and I saw a nail art video, and I saw a nail art video. More than 250,000 times, the video galglitter acrylic dip glitter powder also immediately sold into a pop.

After that, she updated with 1-2 short videos per week, and two months later, her store Russian

Field Cat Micro Tao, rose by 600,000. It can be said that through the magic of the short grass video, Kitten, for her rather niche Acrylic dip glitter powder, found a precise user.

Today, the Russian Field Cat has become a Gold Crown store, with 1.35 million fans for the Kitten to bring tens of thousands of sales per month. According to the industry’s second, Kitten had sold out the products of Russian suppliers, and Russians are simply dumbfounded by the spending power of the Chinese market.

Converting from Taobao’s super-long picture detail page to a short video expression, when some merchants are still at their wits’ end, this 90-year-old girl provides a referenceable case. Especially for products like galglitter acrylic dip glitter powder, which are highly functional and suitable for teaching, a comprehensive short video display can enhance the conversion to a greater extent.

Different themes of nail art instructional videos The store should be professional. Just like a patient looking for a specialist to see a doctor

Kitten graduated from medical school, but instead of going to the hospital, she tried to pass the accounting exam to become an accountant. The wonderful thing about fate is that she coincidentally became a Taobao seller while preparing for the exam.

Kitten’s home is in Mohe, Heilongjiang, a border city near Russia, where she can look across the winding Heilong River to the Amur region of Russia on the other side.

In 2014, she opened a small global shopping store called Russian Field Cat, specializing in selling all kinds of beauty products from Russia. The business idea is to sell what consumers need, and business is not hot.

Russian Garden Cat’s store

There is no special feature. Kitten reflected that the store needed to be professional, just like a patient who wants to see a specialist.

At that time, Kitten found that the category of Acrylic dip glitter powder, although very vertical, might be a breakthrough. On the one hand, some of the acrylic dip glitter powder products that sell well in Russia are rarely seen in China, and on the other hand, the demand in the Chinese nail market is gradually increasing.

For this reason, she began to try Russian acrylic dip glitter powder products and visit Russian sellers while constantly learning about nail art, in her words, simply to the point of forgetting to eat and sleep. After a month, she slowly got started as a novice.

At first, her fans complained: “You are not as good as me, but she insisted on sharing. This is perhaps the growth that bloggers are bound to experience. Three years later, by April 2017, Kitten’s Weibo fans had risen to 40,000, and the store’s Weitao fans had 200,000. Now the official microblogging site has 110,000 followers, and the microblogging site dedicated to teaching and interacting with kittenstrycolors has 100,000 followers.

Kitten said, at the beginning of the beauty products, she would directly run to Russia to buy goods; although the language barrier, as long as one hand takes the money, a finger goods, relying on the original communication instincts can successfully complete the transaction. But as the volume of transactions grew, she gradually found suppliers of several Russian Netflix-type acrylic dip glitter powder brands such as Dance Legend, MASURA, and EL Corazon. It’s pretty smooth, and the Russians don’t want a deposit. Trade is about the word credit. Kitten said.

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