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Acquiring SQL Manager Tool For GDPR Compliance

Redgate recently announced that it has been enhanced its portfolio by acquiring SQL Manager Tool for GDRP compliance. The tool will maximize the data privacy and protection required for the database to meet the upcoming GDPR (General Data protection regulation) standards.

About GDPR (General Data protection regulation)

If you hold the personal information about European (EU) citizens then GDPR applies to you. Even if you are not in the EU, the law is still applicable to you. The law will be enforced by May 2018, so you have only limited time to prepare for the same. If you failed to comply the law, the maximum penalties could bankrupt your organization.

Data is stored in different forms like documents, emails or databases etc. Our main focus here is to discuss data stored within databases and how to enhance the data privacy or protection to the maximum extent. Now the question comes how to make any SQL database GDPR compliant?

Steps outlined to make any database GDPR compliant

  1. Organize the information audit across different sectors of an organization and “DETECT” the personal data held by your organization and information sources as well.
  2. Now try various data processing techniques and use the best to “CLASSIFY” all important details hold by you.
  3. Now document the classified data and mention properly about all possible information sources to PROTECT” the details.
  4. In the end, implement the proper procedures to make sure that all data breaches are detected, reported, and investigated effectively. The process is termed as data “monitoring” that results in maximum data privacy and protection at the end of the process.

The steps are challenging to carry out for any organization, so there is a wakeup call for IT industries to discover most innovative software programs to work with sensitive data in the best possible way.

How Redgate and SysKit can help you?

With so many organizations facing problems with GDPR compliance, Redgate got multiple requests from customers to discover a software that can help you to solve the technical issues in the best manner.

“Organizations are in emergency need to detect the sensitive data and classify the information they hold. Once it is done properly, next step is to protect the data and monitor the compliance.”

In the response, Redgate has been invested heavily to prepare a set of tools that can work amazingly to make any database GDPR compliant. They have already designed the prototype and make sure to release many products or tool in next few months.

At the same time, SysKit Developers and consultants are on the front helping customers to adopt new database techniques and life management cycle. They have been prepared their IT team to design an advanced range of software tools that will help organizations to handle sensitive data intelligently.

SysKit has recently launched SQL manager tool to handle sensitive data and maintaining data privacy or protection as required. The tool has been acquired by the Redgate and both of the Companies will work together to take the database security to the next level.

The Company ensures that it is going to produce a fresh range of security management tools for GDPR compliance in coming months too. The tools will give you the flexibility to manage data more responsibly as per the GDPR compliance.

Better understanding of GDPR and the related terms

GDPR is a standard to protect the personal information of identified natural persons. The identifiable natural persons can be identified either directly or indirectly. Personal data means information related to identified natural persons such as names, location, phone number, address etc.’

The “Processing” means a set of operations applied to the personal data to make it more secure and easily accessible. “Controllers” are the natural persons that are associated with your organization for one or different reasons.

How can GDPR standards help you?

GDPR rules will help organizations to ensure which people can access the information. In case, there is some unauthorized access, you will get an alert message or notification to take the relevant action. Further, in case of data breaches, necessary protection procedures will be applied to enforce the data security.

GDPR will be regulated by May 2018 and Companies will not follow the GDPR regulations then he has to pay heavy penalties as decided by the government. So, every organization that holds personal data needs to learn GDPR compliance quickly because there is only a limited time left to prepare yourself for the next generation security procedures.

In brief, GDPR enforced data access control, information integrity, auditing control, and much more. Soon, you would be able to ensure maximum data integrity and protection against unauthorized access by making your databases GDPR compliance that was urgently needed by the Companies.

According to SysKit, they have already created software for data management and the data administration. This is the time to focus on data privacy and data protection to help users even do more. So, next target of Company would be developing a set of tools for GDPR compliance that can enforce maximum data security as needed by the Companies that hold voluminous personal data.

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