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Acquire.AI Helps Brands Navigate Common Challenges They’re Facing in the AI Revolution

Acquire BPO, a global leader in business process outsourcing, recently launched a new division, Acquire.AI, with a simple goal in mind – to help brands strategically navigate the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution. 

When brands can recognize, prioritize, and implement tailored AI solutions,they can often improve business efficiency, streamline tasks, improve decision making, and seamlessly incorporate personalization into the customer experience.  

All of this adds up to massive growth potential, as employees and executives are freed up to do the creative and strategic work they’re good at. The problem is, most brands don’t know quite how to implement and deploy AI in their organizations. 

Navigating AI is a Challenge for Businesses

In a 2023 study, nearly 50% of IT leaders said their organizations aren’t ready to implement AI, and that it may take five years or more to make these changes. 

This data underscores the fact that AI is still a formidable challenge for businesses grappling with AI deployment strategies. 

Recognizing this, Acquire.AI has introduced an AI consulting service designed to enhance processes, boost productivity, and foster growth by incorporating cutting-edge technology developed by industry experts.

A distinctive feature of Acquire.AI is its vendor-agnostic approach to addressing business challenges. Tailoring solutions to meet clients’ unique needs, the company draws upon their wealth of experience spanning many industries, including finance, healthcare, logistics, and energy. 

“We’re thrilled to introduce Acquire.AI services that empower businesses, regardless of their stage in the AI journey, to deliver transformational value,” said Scott Stavretis, CEO of Acquire BPO. “Aligned with our company’s strategic vision, Acquire.AI underscores our commitment to innovation, enabling businesses to leverage AI for a competitive edge.”

Incorporating Proven AI Strategies for Business Success

Acquire.AI aims to alleviate the most common challenges faced by brands as they adapt to AI. Research suggests that brands are overwhelmed by the number of AI solutions available and constrained by time to conduct necessary research and testing. 

Stavretis explains, “In today’s challenging business environment, brands are finding that AI-driven solutions are now a necessity. But, they’re overwhelmed by the number of AI-solutions and constrained by time to do the necessary research and testing. All the hype surrounding new and evolving AI technologies further complicates the decision-making process, making it difficult for brands to identify where to begin and how to strategically deploy AI for maximum impact.”

Acquire.AI addresses this by providing a range of solutions, from automated quality assurance to advanced agent assistive technologies and workflow optimization tools. The goal is to empower brands to strategically deploy AI for maximum impact.

“As a consulting service, Acquire.AI harnesses ongoing market analysis and practical experience to guide brands in pinpointing areas where AI can significantly enhance efficiency. We take a vendor-neutral consultative approach to empower brands to navigate the AI landscape confidently, ensuring that they invest in the right solutions that align with their unique business objectives,” Stavretis says.

Whether businesses seek initiation guidance or target specific areas for improvement, Acquire.AI excels in identifying, managing, and implementing effective solutions, providing brands with a solid return on investment (ROI).The service supports the complete AI journey, inclusing diagnosis, solution design, planning, implementation, and ongoing operations. 

The launch of Acquire.AI marks a significant milestone in Acquire’s strategy and commitment to creating a thriving global community by offering safe, flexible, and innovative AI solutions. With an ambitious growth trajectory, Acquire.AI delivers transformational value in the ever-evolving AI landscape.

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