ACO Token –  Alternative Cryptocurrency For Hospitality.

The first virtual currency-Bitcoin came into existence In January 2009, but it was noticed by almost no one apart from programmers who followed cryptography discussion groups. Today, bitcoin is breaking grounds and gradually taking over the traditional currencies. Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency; which can only be used for electronic purchases and transfers. Every single transaction using bitcoin is logged digitally (on computers) on the transaction log-Blockchain. The blockchain records every single transaction on the bitcoin network-present and past; including the ownership of every single bitcoin in circulation. More than $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin is currently in circulation all over the world, with millions of transactions taking place daily.

There are many drawbacks and frictions affecting the outdated travel and hospitality industry which is more than a decade old- avoidable non-transparent fees, expensive long payment process and lack of personalization.

Acomobase Blockchain

Acomobase is the first decentralised accommodation market platform on the Blockchain using artificial intelligence powered by smart-contracts, to enable seamless and personalized travel, with particular focus on mobile devices. Acomobase is developing a proprietary model of demand aggregation that relies on transparency and trust. With this new radical technology of decentralized systems, acomobase will help reduce transaction cost, improve record keeping and transaction traceability. In general, Acomobase proposes; zero non-transparent fees, direct, frictionless, worldwide accommodation experience,  incentivized ecosystem  for users and partners, reduced possibility of fraud on transactions etc.

ACO Altcoin

ACO is the currency name for Acomobase. ACO token (ERC20 compliant) is a utility token designated to be an open source digital currency which takes advantage of innovative and comprehensive  blockchain technology. The ACO token will be used on the Acomobase platform between hosts and users eliminating all third party costs.

The ACO token pre-ICO/ICO started December 2017 and will end January 2018. Participants can purchase the tokens using Ethereum at the official rate which is: 1ETH = 4000ACO tokens.  

Please note that the ΑCO pre-ICO/ICO is not available to residents of the United States or any other county where laws or restrictions are in conflict with the financial security or regulatory compliance rules.

Acomobase is offering you a lifetime opportunity for you to invest and enjoy important benefits. Hurry and invest today!!

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