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Achieving Podcast Success made easy with these tips

With over 5,50,000 podcasts over the internet and 3,00,000 listeners, the oldest type of syndicated content on the web has reached another level in 2018. The number of monthly listeners is 75 million. The various advantages of the format which let the podcast generator to connect to a wide audience are giving a boost to their outreach.

There are over 18.5 million episodes in over 100 languages, and the numbers are climbing daily. Around 44% of the total population of US has listened to podcasts at some point. But how many of them remember about a particular podcast? Was anything special which had hit their mind? The answer probably to both these questions would be a no.

If you too are into podcast making and looking for some cool and easy tips, then this article will provide you with a helping hand. The tips to ace the work are as follows-

  • Keep an eye on your goal-

The list of goals that can be achieved with the help of a podcast is extensive. It might be the appraisal of authority, audience and business growth.

No, your only motive of making money through a podcast is not an option. So, before you get into the boat, determine which motive you should prioritize.

1) Comprehend your niche

Identification and in-depth analysis of your niche and the concerned is the second most important step to be taken.

With the knowledge of your niche, you would be able to create focused content and maintaining it is the key to potential success.

2) Excite your listeners

Step in the readers’ shoes. Think about them comprehend what type of content might excite them and give them a boost. If your idea satisfies it, then you are all set to continue with the task.

3) Don’t forget Intros and Outros

There are no hard and fast rules about recording podcasts, but you can’t overlook the importance of intros and outros. Also, they won’t let you forget to plug the essential details.

What should be the content?

  • A brief synopsis of the expectations
  • A short personal introduction
  • A teaser of the upcoming audios

Note- The outro must be used to remind about liking, commenting, and subscribing to the content. Yes, they play an intense role in boosting your cast.

4) Quality of the thumbnails matter

It is a well-known fact that visuals make a lot of difference. As far as your podcast is entirely based on the audio, you must use the thumbnails part effectively. Things to take care-

It must not be of larger than 45*35.50 mm (Horizontal format of a postage stamp). The small size because they are often posted small.

5) Don’t afraid to be vulnerable

A podcast is the best way to connect with the audience on a broader and more personal level. Explain to them even the small details. That means, if you are suggesting the listeners about anything, then also tell them the ways through which you reached to those content.

6) Don’t forget to promulgate

Marketing is our primary concern. So, you cannot afford to overlook to promote your blog or landing page in the podcast. Mention your blog your website twice during the podcast. It gives them a direction of reaching your blog.

Note- Keep the link short and crisp.

Follow these seven tips, work a little bit hard and get the best results.

Stay tuned for more informative content.

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