Achain announces the listing of its ACT token on Bitlnka, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Latin America

Networking technology is practically as old as the internet. First created by two departments of different universities in 1969 to connect and share data, networking has expanded on a global scale. Over the years, decentralized networking was found to be much more effective and robust than the central model being used. Yet, only a few years back, decentralized networks were not practical.

Now, with blockchain, decentralized networking is not only practical, but the extreme ease of use, security and speed is rapidly evolving the technology industry into a multi-billion dollar sector.


AChain is a blockchain based network that brings security, stability and extensibility to the decentralized industry. The need has arisen due to:

  • Security risks: Even though billed as the toughest form of secured networks, blockchain is still vulnerable to attacks, especially in the smart contracts area.
  • Interoperability: With thousands of blockchain projects running with its own unique code and protocols, it is not possible to link different ones together.
  • Non-Blockchain Linking: Although adaptable to every industry, the integration of a blockchain system with a traditional system is usually not easy.
  • Low Transaction Performance: Even though transactions within blockchain network are lightning fast, the overall totality of transactions is far less than centralized systems.

Understanding that these issues must be addressed, AChain developers made some special developments in their platform:

  • Stability: A decentralized nature and ever-expanding application base brings instability to the network, this is countered by a modular design.
  • Security: Using an advanced form of PoS called RDPoS, AChain ensures that centralization of mining/staking power does not happen.
  • Scalability: AChain uses forking as a scalability factor. Every fork will become a subnet of the main chain, dedicated to a specific task or industry. This will ease offload from the mainnet and allow interoperability of the sub-chains.

The Latin American Market

AChain has recently entered the Latin American market by partnering with BitInka, South America’s largest crypto exchange. ACT, the token of AChain will be listed on the exchange, allowing pairing against eight major fiat. The ACT token will also be available on Latin America’s answer to PayPal: BitInka’s InkaPay. This means users will be able to pay for a multitude of services through the ACT token.

Apart from this, AChain is also sponsoring the biggest blockchain conference in South America, the LatAm 2018 in Sao Paulo in May.

With its unique approach to countering current market issues and an aggressive entry into South America, AChain is on the right track to becoming the most desired blockchain platform

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