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Acetylated Monoglycerides (AMG) Market to Record Substantial Growth with Healthy CAGR By 2032

In 2021, the acetylated monoglycerides (AMG) market is expected to grow rapidly, with global revenues increasing by a significant amount year over year. Between 2021 and 2031, acetylated monoglycerides (AMG) revenue will nearly double, according to a new FACT.MR forecast.

The market is expected to grow due to rising demand for natural ingredients in bakery and personal care products over the forecast period.

In the food industry, acetylated monoglycerides (AMG) are a key ingredient.

Acetylated monoglycerides (AMG) are non-ionic, fat-soluble surfactants that are widely used in food and other food applications. Acetylated monoglycerides are made from vegetable oils and animal fats in a natural or synthetic process to produce value-added food additives.

Because of its convenience and ready-to-eat foods, processed food is in high demand in the market. Consumers are being served delicious flavours by processed food manufacturers on the market.

Canada and the United States of America Market for Acetylated Monoglycerides (AMG)

The market for acetylated monoglycerides (AMG) is dominated by the United States and Canada. Acetylated monoglycerides (AMG) are widely used as an emulsifier agent in cake, bread, and dessert products in the North American bakery industry. Supports rising acetylated monoglycerides demand across the North American market, along with increasing convenience food in millennials.

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