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According to Match Systems 1500 BTC stolen by Lazarus started to launder

More than 1,500 bitcoins (more than 100 million US dollars at the current rate), which had been stored in hackers’ stashes for more than 7 months, began to move. Stolen funds that are associated with major hacks in recent years, and previously attributed by the FBI investigation to the activities of the Lazarus Group (, began to laundering. 

Here is a list of these addresses:







Analytic team of Match Systems, which is investigating this incident, determined that to date, hackers have already managed to launder more than 44 bitcoins (more than $3 million at the current rate) through the cryptocurrency exchanges HTX, CoinEx and FixedFloat. Despite the presence of sanctions markings, hackers almost freely manage to launder stolen funds through cryptocurrency exchanges that comply with AML policies. This is largely possible due to the fact that hackers use special laundering schemes that allow them to mislead the AML systems of exchanges, which do not always keep up with the markings and learn about the acceptance of stolen funds after the hackers already withdraw them from the exchanges.

Match Systems urges cryptocurrency exchanges and the whole crypto community to pay attention to the above hacker addresses in order to prevent hackers from carrying out their plans.

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