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Accomplish More: How a Smartwatch Can Help You Be More Productive

If you are looking for ways to get more out of each workday, you should consider getting a smartwatch. Many of the features provided by wearable devices can help you be more productive. After you learn how to make the most of them, of course. Here’s how smartwatches can boost your productivity.

1 – Notifications on your wrist

How many times do you have to reach for your phone every day just to see if your latest notification is important or not? The answer is probably in the hundreds, and smartwatches can help make that process simpler. You can even type out or dictate answers right on your watch.

2 – Reminders

Having reminders and upcoming events sent straight to your watch ensures you’ll never miss a deadline or a meeting again. You can also set up your watch so it’ll monitor your health and send you reminders when you should get some exercising done. After all, staying healthy will also help you stay productive.

3 – To-do lists

It’s a lot easier to go about ticking items off a to-do list when that list is located on your wrist. Not only do smartwatches make to-do lists easier to access and follow, but they also allow you to check the list without occupying either of your hands. This can be particularly handy when you are going down the shopping list as you collect products from the shelves, or when you are packing a backpack for a trip.

If your job involves going down checklists often to make sure everything is in order, having that checklist on your wrist can also save time and simplify the process. Just bear in mind that constantly turning the watch screen on and off will make the battery drain faster. So if you expect to keep the screen on several hours at a time, you check a guide on smartwatches battery life and pick a device with lots of endurance.

4 – Personal assistant on your wrist

Most modern smartwatches come packed with microphones and speakers. This means that you can take and make phone calls on your wrist, which can be handy. But much more useful for productivity is the ability to talk to your device’s digital assistant anywhere, at any time.

Different platforms have different options for this. Apple of course offers Siri, and Google has Google Assistant. But the various digital assistants in the market offer similar features: they let you set up reminders, alarms, ask for directions, check the weather, and do much more, all through voice commands on your wrist. This can be a big help, especially if work often leaves you with both hands busy.

5 – Control other devices

Your smartwatch can work as a remote for other smart devices around your home or office. This can be done through voice commands using a digital assistant, or by using the watch’s screen with the right apps. This means you can use your watch to control Bluetooth speakers, smart lamps, smart outlets, and much more.

A smartwatch can also work as a remote for your phone. You can use it to enable or disable notifications, control media players, take pictures from across the room, and more. These and other functions can help you get things done without having to get up from your chair or get distracted from the task at hand for too long.

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