ACCIONA Launches its First Electric Urban Vehicle with Removable Batteries

ACCIONA has launched the Silence S04, the first electric urban NanoCar with removable batteries.

Takeaway Points

  • ACCIONA has launched the Silence S04, the first electric urban NanoCar with removable batteries.
  • You have two options when purchasing the S04: buying or renting the batteries.
  • On July 3, 2024, ACCIONA Energía partnered with Prologis to boost distributed solar energy in Spain.

ACCIONA new NanoCar Silence S04

ACCIONA announced on Monday the launch of its new NanoCar Silence S04, an electric car designed for urban living. The new car is available at Silence’s flagship stores in Madrid and Barcelona and can be bought at Silence’s existing network of dealerships both in Spain and Europe, the company said. 

The company said that “The Silence S04 two batteries are designed to be removed, via an integral trolley system, and can be charged at any domestic socket or replaced at one of the 1,200 exchange points across 120 battery stations that the brand has in the major Spanish cities. This system, exclusive to ACCIONA, allows the traditional refueling experience to be replicated through the exchange of depleted batteries for charged ones in less than 30 seconds. The company will have 160 stations with 1,600 battery exchange points in Spain before the end of the year.” 

The S04 can be bought with two options: buying or renting the batteries. payment of a monthly fee for the rental of the batteries, which, depending on the number of contracted recharges, starts at €19.99 (including three battery swaps). 

About Silence S04

According to ACCIONA, the Silence S04 is a light, electric, four-wheeled, two-seater vehicle designed particularly for urban living. It has a length of 2.28 meters, a width of 1.26 meters, and a height of 1.57 meters, with a load capacity of 247 liters, which allows two occupants to travel in comfort without impacting the environment, and it is very easy to park. 

The new car has two removable lithium-ion batteries with 11.2 kWh of total capacity (2 x 5.6 kWh). The Silence S04 L7e (the highest-performance version) has a range of 149 kilometers in the WMTC cycle.

ACCIONA Energía partners with Prologis to boost distributed solar energy in Spain.

On July 3, 2024, ACCIONA Energía announced its partnership with Prologis, a global leader in the logistics real estate sector, to install rooftop solar panels on several of its properties in Spain.

According to the report, ACCIONA Energía will install up to 10.5MWp of photovoltaic panels on the roofs of Prologis’ warehouses and buildings, converting them into clean and sustainable solar power plants. This community solar will be owned by Prologis, while ACCIONA Energía will be responsible for their installation, operation, and maintenance for 10 years. 

Cristian Oller, Head of Asset Management for Southern Europe at Prologis, said in a comment, “We are a company that, given the current energy transition, is constantly working and innovating with new sustainable formulas to apply in our logistics parks, such as this alliance with ACCIONA Energía. Our Net Zero 2040 program offers us a realistic timetable for achieving our sustainable goals and includes a constant evaluation of the carbon footprint of all our buildings, allowing us to draw up a plan of measures for the coming years.”

The first two solar facilities to be installed will be located in Penedès (Barcelona) and in San Fernando de Henares (Madrid) and will have a capacity of 2,5MWp and 3MWp respectively, ACCIONA said.

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