Absolute Necessary Apps for Entrepreneurs

Technology is helping many industries streamline their operations and organize their schedules. For entrepreneurs, these are essential tools to have at your disposal. As technology gets more advanced, the expectations of entrepreneurs and their employees grow higher and higher. That means we need to constantly be exploring and taking advantage of new tools and apps to organize our time and keep us grounded even on the busiest of days and the most stressful of times. There are so many amazing tools nowadays to help with communication, planning, project management, and remote meetings. We spoke to some top-level business leaders and asked which apps were an absolute necessity for entrepreneurs today, let’s check out what they had to say!

Communication Tools: Slack, Trello and Flowdock

In the world of remote work, every company and entrepreneur will need access to a communication tool that allows quick and easy chatting with all of your team members and collaborators. Slack is the most popular choice, and Daniel Osman, Head of Sales at Balance Homes tells us about a couple more options, “Every entrepreneur must have a reliable internal communication tool. Slack is the most prominent and widely used application, and it is great for keeping live chats going with all of your departments, employees and partners in one location. Also check out Flock and Flowdock for alternative options with similar features.” Flock and Flowdock have many of the same features as Slack, but with different aesthetics and layouts that may be attractive to certain companies looking for something different.

Another competitor for Slack is Trello, which offers some additional features that Slack does not. “Trello is an amazing collaborative app similar to Slack, but with tons of project management features. It’s a communication tool but also an organizational one. Trello is an amazing app for collaborating with your team in real time, not just communicating,” said Jason Wong, CEO of Building Blocks.

Project Management: Evernote, ClickUp and Dashlane

Project management and security are both important to an entrepreneur’s workflow. Digital notebooks and wallets are making project management and cyber security a breeze nowadays. “Every entrepreneur needs something to help them keep track of and organize their time and projects,” said Evan Zhao, Co-Founder and CEO at Revela. “A good notebook can do the trick, but Evernote is a next level tool that allows you to keep track of everything from projects to your daily schedule. You can pin web pages, scan documents and access everything from any device you log in from. Evernote is an amazing tool for entrepreneurs and any individual looking for an organizational tool.” Another great project management service is an app called ClickUp. “ClickUp is an awesome app that allows you to keep detailed track of your projects that are currently in progress. It also allows you to sync your email responses to your ClickUp space, integrating your communication tools seamlessly,” said Lauren Singer of Package Free Shop.

Keeping your projects, passwords and private information secure is extremely important, and there are many services to look into for a cyber security solution. Dashlane is one of a few great options for entrepreneurs. “Dashlane is an app that allows you to store and secure all of your passwords and acts as a digital wallet. Security is extremely important, especially for entrepreneurs, and it’s easy to lose track of what passwords go to which services. This is an easy and safe way to keep that information private, but not so private that you yourself forget it,” said Julie Harris, Co-CEO and Head Of Coaching at Tim and Julie Harris Real Estate Coaching.

Content Creation: Canva and TikTok

Entrepreneurs, especially in the early stages of their careers, will need to have access to some tools that allow them to create content. Whether that content is posters, videos or social media posts, you will need something that allows you to create simple and easy designs to promote your business. “Something a lot of entrepreneurs need but don’t think about all the time is content creation tools. Canva is a great pdf making tool that allows you create your own designs or work from templates, and offers a free option with upgrades available for more features, designs and artwork. This is a great tool for creating branded posters and memos for your business,” said Nathalie Walton, Co-founder and CEO of Expectful.

Canva is the go to for free poster design apps, but for video and social media content creation TikTok and Instagram are the go-to’s. “Tiktok and Instagram Reels are great tools for content creation, especially for entrepreneurs that move in the direction of influencer marketing. These are surprisingly powerful video editing tools that allow you to create immersive and fun content on a whim, and will be extremely engaging for your customers and clients to watch,” said David Lortscher, CEO of Curology.

Content Syncing: Buffer and Copper

Social media is becoming a hub for marketing and advertising. When managing so many different platforms, it can easily become overwhelming and difficult to upkeep all of your posts and marketing campaigns. Jeremy Gardner, CEO of MadeMan tells how the Buffer app can help sync and organize your marketing efforts. “Buffer is an app that allows you to have full control over your social media marketing. You can time and plan posts to go across all platforms and allow quick and easy engagement with your customers and followers. Social media is a driving force in advertising, and having a system hub that tracks all of your activity is essential for the modern entrepreneur.”

More than likely, you will also be using Google Suite to host extraneous files and details of your business. These will likely need to be accessed as quickly as possible, and when everything is potentially saved in different locations it can be difficult to find the files you’re looking for. The Copper app helps by using advanced software to sync all of your google suite applications and files. “Most of us who do business from home are pretty reliant on google suite. However, it can get challenging when trying to sync google apps between devices and be able to see all of your documents in one place. Copper is a CRM app that allows full integration of Google Suite, allowing you to sync your contacts and data all in one location,” said Juan Pablo Cappello, Co-Founder and CEO of Nue Life.

POS Apps

For any entrepreneur or small business owner, a point of sale system is an absolute necessity. Gone are the days for expensive and clunky till systems, there are streamlined POS systems for every business’s needs! “Every entrepreneur needs a way to make quick sales. The POS system Square has been around for a while, and is still one of the main choices of small and independent business owners for making sales on the go or outside of your office space. Square is great because it’s affordable and offers portable, sleek hardware that’s easy to carry and use in a variety of spaces,” said Adam Shlomi, Founder of SoFlo Tutors.

Square is the most popular choice, but there are other options such as Toast, Lightspeed Retail, Shopify and Vend. These all have varying levels of service and price points, but Square ultimately leads the way in terms of service and price.

Screen Recording: Loom

From our experience, it can be pretty difficult to find a reliable screen recording app. OBS is great, but far too open source for quick and easy use. Loom is changing the game when it comes to recording explanatory screen caps. “When text communication doesn’t cut it, sometimes you need to make a quick video for your team. Loom is the perfect application for making quick screen videos, and it allows many editing tools to make your videos even more engaging for your employees,” Steven Vigilante, Head of New Business Development at OLIPOP.

Loom makes it easy to capture activity on your screen and deliver helpful instructors to team members and employees when standard emails and Slack communication doesn’t quite meet your needs.

Stress Reduction: Audible, Podcasts and Audiobooks

Finally, all entrepreneurs need some form of relaxation in their day. With tons of commuting and time spent in between meetings or events, having a great audio book or podcast to pick up on can be a great way to break up your energy throughout the day and do something engaging that isn’t work related. “Entrepreneurs are extremely busy, and might not always have time for leisure activities at the end of their days. However, it’s important to have some enjoyment in our days regardless and audio books are a great way to do this between meetings or on commutes. Audible offers tons of great audiobooks and podcasts that will ease your stress before the next event or meeting you need to attend,” said Stephanie Venn-Watson, CEO of Seraphina Therapeutics.

Entrepreneurs need apps and tools that help them organize their time and make their days a little bit less stressful. Like we mentioned earlier, the more advanced technology we develop the higher the expectations will be from employees and business leaders alike. That’s why it’s important to stay ahead of the game as much as possible and take advantage of these cheap and easy to use applications that are guaranteed to help make your life a little bit easier as an entrepreneur or business owner.

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