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About Rakhi Sawant: Age, Career, and Political Venture

Rakhi sawant

Among all the television artists there are some of them who are more common at popping up in the news more often than others, whether it is about some controversies or gaining more popularity in their career. Rakhi Sawant is one of these artists. Being born in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, on 25th November 1978, Rakhi Sawant is considered one of those well-known television actresses and talk show hosts. It could be said that her choice of career didn’t get approved by her father. Working as a constable in Mumbai police, her father Anand Sawant, was unhappy that she chose to become an actress, entering Indian Cinema. Being the center of buzz, people are often fond of searching for Rakhi Sawant age, career, as well as political ventures.  

Rakhi Sawant Career or Professional Life 

The actual start of her career is in 1997, when she first appeared in the film Agnichakra followed by several other small roles, either playing a dance number in a movie like Joru Ka Gulam, Yeh Raaste Hain Pyaar Ke, and one of the famous movie casting Govinda, Jis Desh Mein Ganga Rehta Hai. Her professional life continued to grow on the same page project after different projects in various songs and small roles.

Rakhi sawant 

Television Career: From Debut to Success 

Let us go through various points of Rakhi Sawant’s television career:

Debut: As a Participant in Bigg Boss Season 1

Her career in television began with her appearance as a contestant in the show now considered one of the top television reality shows, named Bigg Boss. Rakhi Sawant appeared in the first season of this show. Being in the buzz throughout Bigg Boss-1, she also appeared in several other seasons, becoming the finalist in 2020, Bigg Boss-14. It has no doubt to say that she had indeed become a popular contestant throughout the show. 

Roles On Other Platforms 

Moving ahead, she also made her singing debut in the album Super Girl and also participated in a famous dancing reality show, Nach Baliye with her partner Abhishek Avasthi, becoming a runner-up. Later, she appeared in another reality show called Rakhi Ka Swayamwar, proclaiming to choose her future husband, as the show was based on some ancient ritual or culture of Swayamwar. Having been engaged to him for a while, Elesh Praujanwala, from Toronto, Canada, called off their engagement due to some irreconcilable differences. 

Sawant’s professional life continued to grow further, either being a regular performer in the 57th Filmfare Awards and sharing the stage with some comedy roles with Shahrukh Khan and Ranbir Kapoor or playing a leading role in a thriller film, Ek Kahani Julie Ki

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Rakhi Sawant Personal Life 

Having been in a relationship with many people in her life, Rakhi Sawant married an NRI named Ritesh in 2019. However, the marriage got ended soon and they got divorced in 2022. 

In May 2022, she married her Muslim boyfriend Adil Khan Durrani. She was all over the news for her relationship with him. It is being stated that she also changed her name to Rakhi Sawant Fatima, adapting all his cultures. After denial from Adil’s side at first, they accepted their marriage officially. Later, she also started being a constant part of social media telling the audience that her husband is cheating on her, and filing for divorce. 

The latest news on Rakhi Sawant and Adil Khan Durrani is that she reveals Adil is offering to marry the Irani girl he is accused of raping. 

Rakhi sawant

Rakhi Sawant Political Venture

Having been well-known for her professional life and controversies, she also made the intention, in 2014, to fight the Lok Sabha, deciding to fight the polls from the Mumbai seat, being an independent candidate. R.A.P., or more accurately, Rashtriya Aam Party, was the name of her Party, although it had not been given any symbol by the Election Commission. She stepped on various political ventures one after another, also taking the membership of Ramdas Athawale party. Becoming a National Executive President of that party’s women’s wing, she proclaimed her intention to fight for marginalized sections in society. 

Wrapping Up! 

Having so many peaks and lows in her career, Rakhi Sawant has always been a part of the highlights. Also being called a queen of controversy, she always makes her way in the eyes of the audience, whether we are talking about her personal life, from her engagement to marriage, and divorce, or some pollical ventures in her life. 

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