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About Mohammed S. Gaber

Mohammed S Gaber, an NFT artist with the nickname Moejione was born in Sudan, Om Durman, 1996, on the 2nd of March. He lived there with his parents for only five years before his family, that were only his parents at the time, decided to travel and start a greater life.

Gaber started as just an average guy who loves what he does, which is the main reason behind his creativity and success. His father was the primary source of his determination with the love and passion his mother had for him; all this set him up for success.

One of the good things about Mohammed Gaber is that he is into various things he loves doing and has found success in them; one of them is that he worked as a voice actor, and he has voiced different characters in different TV series and movies.

Mohammed gained fame from a diversified portfolio that he have in different industries.

He is also an entrepreneur who has two different businesses; one of them is a US-based company by the name MLO Technologies and a brand called L& O Apparels.

Mohammed Gaber is also a photographer with an online photo library where he shares his photo ideas and photos with people. He is also a Musician and a Designer. As a designer, Gaber has worked with Pepsi and other local companies like Beam and Secret in the Middle East by designing many advertisements for these companies.

In 2019, Gaber was nominated for the Middle East Actor of summer awards.

Gaber has taken advantage of the BlockChain technology in recent years by selling his work in the form of NFTs since 2020. His famous NFT art was the Purple Angel, which has been auctioned off on several platforms, including Nifty Gateway and OpenSea.

His distinctive, one-of-a-kind (1/1) purple angel is on display in Riyadh’s Al Faisal Arabic & Islamic Arts Museum. Apart from the Purple Angel NFT art, he still has other great works on display in OpenSea, one of them is by the name Seventh Dimension, and another is Glass Rain.

Mohamed Gaber wonders what the nature of objects at the intersection of politics and aesthetics is, and what new life a political artwork takes in the aftermath of a revolution and a counter-revolution; this has influenced his NFT artworks.

Moejione also collaborated with the auction institution Emirates Auctions to create their specialized digital art sale. His works are packed with ideas and creativity that have meaning in our day-to-day lives.

And this is one of the reasons he had great success in things he ventured into; striving to learn new ideas and technologies every day and then translating these new ideas and technologies into his work has led to his success.

In addition, as an entrepreneur, photographer, musician and designer, he had to have a deep passion for what he was doing and a great work ethic. He also has to come up with creative ideas to make sure his products, service and company stand out as there are many competitors out there.

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