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About Fiverr Affiliate Program and how does it works?

Fiverr is the fastest-growing freelancing platform that enables its users to enjoy seamless services. One who is offering his/her services on the platform is known as a ‘Seller’ while those who purchase these services are called ‘Buyers’.

The services are displayed in the shape of ‘Gigs’ where a seller can display the services. A gig contains an attractive image & full-fledged description with different packages, so the buyers can choose the most suitable package for themselves.

Buyers can choose any seller based on the previous ratings, and they can contact their desired seller prior to the assignment (termed as an ‘order’ on Or, even choose the packages by placing a direct order.

What is Fiverr Affiliate & how does it work?

Recently, Fiverr has introduced a feature known as ‘Fiverr Affiliate’ to promote its services in much more effective ways.

Affiliate Links Overview – What you need to know:

You will be able to track each new customer you refer through your affiliate link, which contains your unique ID. To ensure that you receive credit for new Fiverr customers you bring, always use your unique affiliate link when promoting Fiverr’s products.

Under the BTA parameter of your affiliate link, you will find your affiliate ID.

Following are the programs that are quite noteworthy & lucrative for whoever wants to be part of any campaign:

Fiverr CPA:

You can earn a One-Time commission of $15-150 for every new Buyer you refer to, depending on the services they purchase.

It is critical to remember that your default link will direct your users to Fiverr. If you would like to send your users to a specific Webpage on Fiverr, you can do so by creating a deep link.

Fiverr Hybrid:

Earn $10 + 10% revenue share for every new buyer you bring to Fiverr.

Please note that the default link directs your users to All you need to do is create a deep link if you wish to direct users to a specific page on Fiverr.

Fiverr Learn:

Get 30% off every course sale if you are promoting professional online courses. This offer is available for an unlimited number of courses.

Users will be directed to by default. Creating a deep link is all you need to do in order to direct your users to a specific course on Learn.

Fiverr Business:

Upon reaching $100 in spend, Fiverr Business – the workspace connecting teams with top-rated freelancers and unlimited business opportunities – will offer a $100 CPA and 10% revenue share for 12 months.

Fiverr Business can be accessed through the default link, or by creating a deep link to a specific page within Fiverr Business.

Fiverr Sub Affiliates:

Get 10% of the monthly commissions of Fiverr Affiliates by referring them to your audience.

It is important to note that this default link will direct users to the Fiverr Affiliates website. Create a deep link if you would like to direct users to a specific page within Fiverr Affiliates.

Fiverr Workspace:

Get 50% off of every Unlimited plan subscription when you promote the Fiverr Workspace logistics tool.
This link will automatically direct your users to Fiverr Workspace. You can create a deep link to direct your customers to a specific page on Fiverr Workspace if you desire.

Here is an example of what a standard affiliate link looks like:

  • Fiverr CPA:[your_affiliate_ID]&brand=fiverrcpa
  • Learn from Fiverr:[your_affiliate_ID]&brand=fiverrlearn
  • Fiverr Workspace:[your_affiliate_ID]&brand=fiverrworkspace

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. How does Fiverr make money through affiliate marketing?

The affiliate program focuses on first-time buyers. The commission is capped at $150 in Fiverr Pro. This means that even if the buyer purchases a service worth $10,000, you will receive only $150 in commission. The gigs on Fiverr are not all of high quality, so you must be careful what you promote.

2. What is the potential earnings as a Fiverr affiliate?

Depending on the category from which your buyer purchases, Fiverr offer different commissions ($15-$150). After your customer makes their first purchase on the platform, you will be eligible for CPA commissions. This is called the FTB model.

3. Is the Fiverr affiliate program free?

Affiliate links from Fiverr can be promoted for free on classified sites. You can find a variety of such websites on which you can place advertisements for free. The simplest way to become a seller is to create a profile on a classified website and begin posting on categories that relate to services or jobs.

4. Are Fiverr affiliates legitimate?

Fiverr has its advantages and disadvantages, as is true of any affiliate program. In spite of this, the service is well known across the globe, it provides a number of excellent tools, it is free to join, and it does not require a long application process.

5. How one can Delete the Fiverr affiliate account?

Deactivating your Fiverr account is as follows:

  • Navigate to your profile picture
  • Go to “My Settings” and find the “Account Deactivation” option
  • Select the reason for deactivation from the drop-down menu & ‘Deactivate it”

Final Verdict:

It’s always a good sign if a business is in progress & it gives the best rewards to the promoters. You can be one among them to cash the opportunity & make some bucks. Best of Luck !!!

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