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Abdul Moeez Explains Why Digital Marketing Is Vital For A New Startup

As everything is now connected with the internet, startups and other businesses need to promote their products or services through digital marketing. Abdul Moeez, the CEO of Dawn Magazines and the Co-owner of Soft Plus, has done a lot of research on the importance of digital marketing. According to Abdul Moeez, the best way to connect with potential customers is through the internet. The reason is that these days, everyone is holding a mobile phone in their hands with a good internet connection. Therefore, if you want to reach them to grow your startup business, you need to go for digital marketing. 

Many people ignore the marketing of their startup business as they think that it is not necessary and it is costing them too much. But, in actuality, if digital marketing is done, it will be favourable for you. It will help your startup business grow and it is what you ultimately want. Abdul Moeez claims that there are numerous benefits of digital marketing for startups, and some of the benefits are explained by him below in this article. Have a look at them! 

  • Affordability

Abdul clearly states that digital marketing is the cheapest way of marketing as compared to other marketing methods. An exact amount is required to place ads on different digital marketing platforms while posting ads through other modes of marketing is a lot expensive. 

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  • Mobile Access

You will be astonished to learn that about 77% per cent of people in America use their mobile phones for watching the news, entertainment, and sports, etc. Through digital marketing, you can reach mobile users to drive more traffic to your website. Posting different marketing ads, content marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing can bring you in front of people while using their phones.  

  • Flexibility

Another essential thing founded by Abdul Moeez is that digital marketing is very flexible as there are many ways in which it can be done. There can be banner ads, content marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing posts. Thus, understanding how you can creatively market your business will bring a lot of possibilities for creating future publicity strategies. Even by using digital marketing, you can observe and eliminate poorly performing marketing campaigns and then start running new strategies to boost up your business online.  

  • Expansion

Some busy people always do their shopping online. Abdul Moeez says that through digital marketing, you can reach out to such people to increase your business’s reach. You can use Google Shopping Ads to enhance your brand recognition. It will also double up your sales.

  • Interactivity

One more fantastic thing told by Abdul Moeez about digital marketing is that companies can directly contact their clients/customers through online chats, social media posts, and reviews as well. It will show what your loyal customers think about you and what they want to make improvements. By reaching them directly, you can make them feel respected. It will also help you get information about potential customers’ preferences. 

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  • Tracking

Apart from communicating with the consumers online, you can also track their activities. You can keenly observe what type of ads they watch before buying anything. It will help you understand the consumers’ mentality and select the more effective marketing methods for your business. This way, you can improve your strategy. 

  • Influencer Engagement

Being a blogger, Abdul Moeez claims that interacting with influencers is the best way to do digital marketing in the modern world. When you gain respect from top influencers, they will write up about your products and services in a good way. By doing so, their followers will eventually start moving towards you, and it will indirectly increase your sales. 

The Last Words:

In this modern era, get yourself updated and start promoting your startup business by using different yet effective digital marketing strategies. Digital marketing strategies are a lot cheaper and pocket-friendly as compared to traditional marketing strategies. So, start focusing on them!

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