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AAA NFT Game Illuvium Set To Release Highly Anticipated Illuvium Overworld Beta On December 12 At 19:00 UTC 

NFT Game Illuvium

On behalf of the Illuvium DAO, Illuvium Labs is poised to release the first beta of its highly anticipated title, Illuvium: Overworld, at 7 PM on December 12 UTC. 

Earlier this year, Illuvium sold 20,000 land plots during a record-breaking 72-hour launch event, making it one of the most successful NFT sales; Illuvium is set to rock the gaming world with its highly anticipated Overworld game that enters beta form. 

12-12-2022, Sydney, New South Wales. Illuvium announced plans to release its second game beta, Illuvium: Overworld. Commenting ahead of the event, co-founder and Art Director Grant Warwick said, 

“The Overworld represents the culmination of all our hard work and dedication to building the best visual experience possible. Every art team member has worked tirelessly on even the smallest details. We had a ridiculously ambitious goal when we began: To build an entire world that felt like nothing you’ve ever seen before.” 

With over two million gamers registered and eagerly waiting to get their hands on the game. Off the back of a recent Twitch stream showcasing only a small part of the Overworld that had 11,000 viewers and thousands of comments, the hype within the community has reached an all-time high. 

The beta will be released to 30,000 lucky community members and steadily rolled out to the remaining Discord community.       

Like many projects within the crypto space, Illuvium has seen a sharp decline in market cap as the NFT space consolidated throughout 2022. However, the team continues to build the World’s first AAA Interoperable Blockchain Gaming Universe. Co-founder and Game Director Aaron Warwick said, “Our mission is to build the first truly AAA experience in the history of Web3. Over the next few years, we will introduce 100 million gamers to the advantages of owning their hard-earned digital assets.”

Their third AAA title, Illuvium: Zero, could have an Alpha release before Christmas, which would round out their goal of having all three titles in the hands of the public before the end of the year. No small feat and one that Co-Founder and CEO Kieran Warwick is exceptionally proud of. “Creating one AAA game in the space of two years is a huge achievement, but three that are all interoperable and seamlessly connected is almost obscene and only possible through the creation of a decentralised studio, one that has full-time contributors from 35 countries around the world”. 

Illuvium was the fastest gaming studio to hit a USD 10b valuation. With their plans to release an additional six interconnected titles over the next two decades and utilise the same NFTs within the Universe, they have positioned themselves as the first studio in Web3 to take on mainstream juggernauts like Blizzard and Riot.  

To become one of the lucky beta participants, you must register at

About Illuvium

Illuvium is a game universe consisting of an open-world monster collector, auto battler, and city builder, all on the Ethereum Blockchain, releasing on PC and Mac in 2023. Play to Own in an AAA sci-fi adventure and conquer the wilderness to help your crash-landed Ranger flourish.

Race across crystal labyrinths, toxic deserts, and windswept mountain summits. Uncover the cause of the cataclysm that shattered Illuvium. Hunt and capture Illuvials, powerful creatures that rule the land. Train and fuse them into more powerful forms. Build your ultimate team and battle in PvE and PvP Arenas. Discover the capabilities of the Illuvials you collect, and build unique synergies to outsmart your opponents.

Illuvium’s collectible NFTs are interoperable across the entire Illuvium universe. The decentralised NFT collection offers players user-maintained custody never before possible in mainstream gaming.





Kieran Warwick

Co-Founder and CEO


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