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A World-Class Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Solution: Interview with the CEO of MATRIX AI Network.

The MATRIX AI Network is one like no other. MATRIX is using the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology to create a faster, more flexible, more secure, and more intelligent blockchain. Owen Tao, the CEO of MATRIX AI Network will be telling us more in this interview.

1) Please tell us your name and about yourself?

My name is Owen Tao and I am the CEO of MATRIX AI Network.  

I am responsible for strategic decision making and product positioning and have extensive experience in managing product development.  Prior to joining MATRIX AI Network, I supervised the development of a 3D virtual community, China’s first embedded game advertising system and other Internet technology products, and led the development and operation of China’s first cross- border e-commerce platform, attracting 20 million users around the world.

2) What is MATRIX AI Network?

MATRIX AI Network (MAN) is a global open-source, public, intelligent blockchain-based distributed computing platform and operating system that combines artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain. We created the MATRIX AI Network to make blockchains faster, more flexible, more secure, and more intelligent.

3) What is the technology behind MATRIX AI and how does the ecosystem work?

MATRIX AI has set itself apart from previous blockchains by offering breakthrough technologies in building AI-enabled autonomous and self-optimizing blockchain networks, which feature multi-chain collaborations and decoupling of data and control blocks.  

The AI based MATRIX platform has an ability to process more than 50,000 transactions per second — more than Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, more even than PayPal and Visa!  This is because of the fusion of powerful artificial intelligence and the hybrid consensus (PoW + PoS) mechanism of the MATRIX blockchain

The MATRIX Semantic Analysis Engine enables auto-coding for smart contracts, making smart contracts accessible to ordinary users.

The MATRIX Secure Virtual Machine can detect attacks on transactions by providing AI-backed vulnerability detection with fault-tolerant protocols. In other words, we have introduced formal verification technology during transactions to detect security vulnerabilities.

4) MATRIX AI has amazing features that make the project unique, could you tell us more about these specific features and the services they provide?

Besides an impressive 50,000 transactions per second, there are a couple of features which makes MATRIX AI Network stand out from its competitors.

MATRIX adopts a Hybrid PoS + PoW consensus mechanism instead of the traditional Hash computations. The mechanism makes use of value added computation through the use of the Markov Chain Monte Carlo(MCMC) computations. This computation set is to be used as the Proof-of-Work protocol. This allows the mining process to not only generate MAN tokens but to also be used to power real-world applications.  For example, it is currently being used in collaboration with Beijing Cancer Research Hospital to improve speed and accuracy of cancer diagnosis.

MATRIX AI Network is designing Intelligent Contracts that leverage natural language programming and adaptive deep learning-based templates to auto-code. Currently, English and Chinese are supported. In the future, we will support other languages.  A prototype has already been finished and supports One-Click Token Launch, One-Click ICO, Voting, Insurance and Auctions; just to name a few.

MATRIX’s Secure Virtual Machine can detect attacks on transactions by providing AI-backed vulnerability detection with fault-tolerant protocols. In other words, the MATRIX team has introduced formal verification technology during transactions to detect security vulnerabilities.

5) The MATRIX AI Artifacts are the research and development pillars of the MATRIX AI Network ecosystem, please tell us more about these Artifacts?

The MATRIX AI Network’s proprietary high-performance Bayesian artificial intelligence learning algorithm can learn and generate a new category node after analyzing as few as 20 examples. This is nearly an order of magnitude more efficient than human learning. MATRIX’s Bayesian artificial learning algorithm dramatically improves the efficiency of machine learning.

The MATRIX AI NETWORK’s high-performance Bayesian inference machine – or mining machine – can execute MCMC (Markov Chain Monte Carlo) algorithms more than 50x faster than I7 processors. Its manufacturing technology-independent complexity measure is equivalent to 500k GE (Gate Equivalent). It is more than 3x faster than the Titan V GPU.

The MATRIX AI Network Digital Assets Safe (DAS) hardware wallet is a blockchain digital asset secure-storage software and hardware solution. Unique encrypted transmission channels are adopted to ensure the security of a user’s trading information. The user’s private key is stored in the DAS after undergoing a multiple encryption process. The DAS allows users to back up their private keys to flash drives.

MATRIX AI Network has deployed several AI-bots and algorithms to systematically identify, quantify, and study attitudes in order to train our natural language processing, text analysis and sentiment analysis software.

6) MATRIX AI has announced several notable partnerships, could you tell us about the benefits for MATRIX?

In 2018, MATRIX AI Network announced that it was the only blockchain project to secure a strategic partnership with China’s trillion dollar One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative.  In the partnership, MATRIX will assist with training and consultation in both AI and blockchain related fields and act as the primary application platform in both fields for the center. In addition, all OBOR contracts that go through the center relating to blockchain will go through MATRIX AI Network.

This past May, MATRIX AI Network announced its second partnership related to OBOR, this time with International Digital Asset Company company (IDA). IDA is an asset digitization and tracking company that primarily focuses on OBOR ventures. As of today, IDA holds approximately 3 billion USD worth of assets in the form of natural resources. The partnership between IDA and MATRIX allows these resources to be further digitized using the MATRIX blockchain. In the end, this will allow assets to be more easily tracked as well as being granted the ability to transfer such value quicker and easier. IDA will also be among one of the first dApps to launch on the MATRIX  blockchain.

In June, MATRIX announced its cooperation with Bitmain. The focus of this cooperation is to help eliminate any possible ASIC mining power attacks that could possibly pose a threat to the system. In addition to ASIC mining research, MATRIX and Bitmain are also working on the development of an AI chip related project.

Huobi Labs will help build the ecosystem and community with MATRIX. Some of the incubated projects coming from Huobi Labs will be built on the MATRIX blockchain.

MATRIX is working with Bit.Game and the Global Blockchain Games League for tokenized online games.

MATRIX is working with Beijing Cancer Hospital on an image based medical diagnosis system. The MATRIX AI engine will eventually be able to quickly identify and recommend treatment for diseases.

7) Tell us more about the MAN token, how it works and the benefits for investors?

MAN can be used to make payments for any transactions performed by users on MATRIX. When a transaction is packaged, a small MAN-based processing fee will be charged as a miner’s fee, similar to Ethereum’s Gas.

You can use MAN to freely access any application and service published on the main chain of MATRIX. For example, you can use MATRIX Cancer Aid System to determine if you have thyroid cancer. Of course, the core of MATRIX is to provide artificial intelligence services. All artificial intelligence services purchased on MATRIX will require MAN-based payments.

In the future, MAN will be used as a payment method similar to Alipay. With support online and offline, you can use MAN as a token to buy coffee at a coffee shop, or buy daily necessities at a supermarket. MAN’s functionality in the daily life will greatly increase MAN’s demand and circulation.

If you have a professional computing challenge, for instance, if you own a big data company and you don’t know how to handle your massive amounts of data, we can process the data for you when you use MAN to purchase hashrate in the MATRIX network, you would be rewarded according to your contribution.

Once users have access to the MATRIX network, MAN will quickly circulate throughout the world and have many diverse users.

MATRIX has quickly gained a large number of high-quality application scenarios and partners that will enhance the liquidity and value of MAN.

8) The MAN token has been listed on many major Exchanges like Bitfinex, what values will this bring to your investors?

Being listed on both Bitfinex and Ethfinex means that it will be easier than ever to trade MAN against ETH and USD.  We believe that providing convenient ways to secure MAN tokens is an important part of building the MATRIX AI Network ecosystem.  

9) On what stage of development is the MATRIX AI  platform, what is next on your roadmap?

While the project seems ambitious with the integration of a working AI in so many areas, the AI-part is already done. MATRIX now only has to deliver a working blockchain solution.

MATRIX has recently finished its testnet launch and supports basic transactions, AI application tests, a handful of DApps, working auto-coding Intelligent Contracts and more.

Their source code has been published for all to see on Github.
MATRIX also developed their own version of a hardware wallet, which will evolve as a digital asset platform, providing multiple services and business models including: exchange docking, asset custody and more.

MATRIX will be launching several community activities after its testnet launch, including a Bug Bounty Program and a DApp competition, as well as introducing the MATRIX Blockchain Browser and Online Wallet Prototype.

Full mainnet is set to launch December 2018.  

The MATRIX mining machine is set to launch by the end of 2018.

10) We would like to know more about the team behind this amazing project?

We have an incredible team at MATRIX AI Network.  

Professor Steve Deng PhD, is the Chief AI Scientist, and has a strong track record in the fields of machine learning, data analytics and computer architecture. He has over 50 peer reviewed papers. His book, Structure IC Design and High Level Synthesis, is recognised by the Chinese Department of Education as the official graduate level textbook on the subject. His work directly led to the MATRIX team winning the PASCAL 2 AI competition in 2017.

Dr. Bill Li is our Chief Network Architect.  Dr. Li is a leading communications and IC design expert. He has been, and continues to be, a major contributor to China’s 4G, 4.5G (NB-IoT) and 5G standards.   Dr. Li was the Chief Architect of China’s first Wi-Fi transceiver IC. As a Co-Principal Investigator, Dr. Li led the design of China’s first aircraft carrier’s dispatch communication system. Dr. Li’s work on Commutation IC Design has won numerous national awards. His book, Communication IC Design, was the best-selling textbook in its field and is currently used by many prestigious universities.

Dr. Tim Shi is our Chief Chip Scientist.  Dr. Shi is a veteran of the semiconductor industry. He was the Principal System Architect at AMD and headed corporate and university technology partnerships for AMD in the greater-China region. Dr. Shi previously held positions at several leading international IC companies such as Synopsys and ARM. He was also the Senior Chip Design Engineer at Samsung Semiconductor Inc, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, Ltd. in Korea.

John Zhu  is our  Senior VP & Ecosystem Developer.  Mr. Zhu has held senior leadership positions with several multinational corporations. Served as General Manager of Greater China for Quantum and Government Affairs Representative for Dell EMC.  Mr. Zhu formerly was the Central Information Officer at Nanfang Daily and helped lead development of an earth-to-satellite communications system for the second state-sponsored moon expedition.

We also have an impressive roster of advisors with a wealth of experience and expertise to contribute to our team.

11) What compliance and security measures do you have in place for MATRIX AI to protect your users and investors?

MATRIX AI Network offers an overall security framework consisting of four major components, 1) a rule-based semantic and syntactic analysis engine for smart contracts, 2) a formal verification toolkit to prove the security properties of smart contracts, 3) an AI-based detection engine for transaction model identification and security checking, and 4) a deep learning based platform for dynamic security verification and enhancement.

For investors, MATRIX AI Network is in compliance with all relevant and applicable laws of the Hong Kong SAR and the People’s Republic of China. The MATRIX AI Network has invited independent, third-party experts to confirm technical claims (for example, the lab-setting 50k TPS) and regularly invites major investors to visit the MATRIX offices in Beijing.

12) Do you have more information for our readers?

I want to invite readers to visit our Website to learn more:

We also have an active Medium page that is updated frequently and a strong presence on social media.

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