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Surrogacy Agency Based in Northern California

California families now have a great opportunity to make an addition to their families through a trusted partner. Made In The USA Surrogacy brings opportunities for both parents and surrogates to be matched together in a small boutique setting in either Sacramento or Roseville locations. A thorough screening process and mentoring are offered for both family and surrogate candidates, to make sure that matches are perfect to protect both parties in every way possible.

Made In the USA Surrogacy allows women who want to become surrogates to have full confidence that they will be well cared for and every aspect of life and work, health and family, as well as protection in every foreseeable way is addressed upfront and throughout the pregnancy process.

The parental prospects are treated the same way, with every need, question, and protection offered for any questionable circumstance that could come up during the matching, pregnancy, birth, and transition into the family processes. Made In The USA Surrogacy takes care of everyone involved in the process of bringing a baby into the world equally and thoroughly.

Why Choose A Surrogacy Agency

Made In The USA Surrogacy takes care to make sure you are educated on every step of the process, and you can be confident in all the little details that add up to one of the biggest moments of your life. Trusting an agency and a surrogate with your future child takes a lot of vulnerability and communication, and they will be there at every step of the process to make sure you are comfortable and well cared for.

What Makes Made In The USA Surrogacy The Best

Becoming a surrogate is just as vulnerable as becoming a parent through surrogacy, and it can be a challenging and scary path to walk. At Made In the USA Surrogacy, you are never alone in the process and have the support and guidance you need from the staff and other surrogates walking through this with you.

Experience with the surrogacy process sets Made In the USA Surrogacy apart from the rest, because the founder went through the process as well, which means she brings all of her own pieces of knowledge and trial and error with her to make sure your experience goes smoothly. This means you will have support and a strong foundation through every step of the process of either growing a baby for another family or waiting for your child to arrive via the gift of a woman carrying it for you.

A Foundation of Trust

Made In The USA Surrogacy has a rigorous process of screening and preparing surrogates and families that apply with them so that they are confident that the matches they make are the best ones possible. They make sure that the surrogates they accept are passionate about helping families fulfill the biggest calling in life, and that they will take the role seriously and sensitively, as well as making sure they have a strong foundation of support and understanding in their own network outside of the agency.

They also take the role of selecting families to receive surrogacy babies seriously and make sure that the family is prepared and aware of all the ins and outs of the process and that they also have plenty of support and foundational necessities outside the agency to start and complete the journey of having a baby through a surrogate.

High expectations are set from the beginning for the surrogate candidate with Made In The USA Surrogacy, to make sure that every baby starts out in the best possible setting to be welcomed into the world in a healthy manner. This is a huge responsibility and the agency and the surrogates have to hold up that responsibility to the families that are waiting on the other side of the delivery room. The agency takes care of educating the surrogate and the potential parents on all aspects of the process and what happens before and after the child is born, and because of the preparation and thorough screening, they are confident in the people that are chosen on both sides.

Many potential parents have plenty of questions about all areas of the process, and that is to be expected, when you are spending over $100,000 to bring a baby into the world through a surrogate you want to make sure you have zero doubts and feel 100% confident. Made In The USA Surrogacy breaks down every part of the money that is needed to make the process happen, how it is handled, and what to expect when handing over the money to be able to become parents through surrogacy.

Every Detail Is Important

Made In the USA Surrogacy will be deeply involved in all aspects of bringing a baby into the world between a group of strangers, including:

  • medical – screenings and care provider resources for both sides.
  • psychological – screenings and follow up on both sides.
  • legal – mentoring, resources, and direct contacts established with both sides to make sure everyone is represented equally.
  • insurance – life and health insurance will be addressed to make sure the baby is in the best care possible.
  • personal – support and mentoring are offered to make sure everyone is having all needs addressed fairly and thoroughly.
  • professional – all aspects of life are affected during this process for both sides, so support needs to be offered and follow up maintained to ensure everything is taken care of.

Every surrogacy is different and unique and important at this agency, and you can be assured they know everything that is going on and every detail on both sides of the process. This is important for both the surrogate and the potential parents to be well cared for and prepared for anything that will happen during the process. They even have lending recommendations and information about how to make the financial burden of surrogacy possible for those that need it.

Information is available on the Made In The USA Surrogacy website regarding surrogacy in California, Texas, and Florida so that families that are able to be served in those areas have access to every bit of information they could possibly need before ever contacting anyone at the agency. The website is thorough and highly informed on all areas that you might have questions about as a potential family or surrogate.

This is the Right Agency For You

If surrogacy is something that you’re looking into as either a parent or surrogate you can feel comfortable in your choice to work with Made In The USA Surrogacy, they will be able to help with all your questions and provide extensive information with care and compassion from the very beginning. They understand the position you are placing yourself in on either side of the opportunity and how much trust is required to have a successful matching process.

Going with a boutique agency to be involved in the gift of surrogacy makes it more personal and adds more attention to important details through the process, making Made In The USA Surrogacy the best choice for California families and surrogates. You can put the future of your family and your body in good hands, and know you are going to have a positive process to either give the gift of parenthood to a deserving family or to welcome a child into your family through this wonderful opportunity.

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