A Tech Investor’s Guide To Ammolite Cryptocurrency

Ammolite Cryptocurrency

Ammolite Cryptocurrency was named after a mineral resource which is found only in Southern Alberta, in Canada. This mineral is quite rare. It can only be found in a unique geological deposit which is called the Bearpaw Formation. This mineral is considered very rare because of the limited land area where they can be found and mined. 

It takes around 70 to 75 million years before the fossilized shell of ancient marine mollusks can become an ammolite gemstone. It’s often called the rainbow gemstones because of the many colors which can be seen adorning this lifeless but beautiful gemstone. If you want to know more information about Ammolite Cryptocurrency, you might want to read on. 

1) Ammolite As Cryptocurrency

This Ammolite-backed Cryptocurrency (AMML) was launched only last November 30, 2021. It was developed by GEMXX Corporation (OTC Pink: GEMZ). AMML is the first Ammolite Cryptocurrency Token developed in the whole world. 

It’s being released by the developer in very limited supply. In 2021, they’re only releasing 1,388,000 tokens which are available to the public. They’ve also developed a targeted website which will be dedicated for the cryptocurrency token. Cryptocurrency investors would be glad to find out that the developers are going to launch a strategic marketing plan to create more awareness about this unique currency both among potential investors, and the general public.

2) Cryptocurrency Token And Wallet

The developers of AMML have also created and developed the accompanying GEMXX Wallet for use when you invest in and trade AMML. They’ve already conducted final testing and the wallet is now ready to be launched to the public. The wallet can be downloaded in versions which are usable in either iOS or Android platforms. 

Investors and users who download the wallet can use it to manage all their sale and transactions involving the first Ammolite backed Cryptocurrency (AMML). The website developed for AMML will also serve as the knowledge base. Investors and users who want to learn more about any information regarding the token AMML as well as the wallet, may simply refer to the website. Both the token and the wallet were developed by Core State Holdings Corp. (CSHC) and can already be downloaded.

The developers said they were very happy and excited to have done the digital counterpart of the Ammolite gemstone. They said the development and launching of both the AMML cryptocurrency as well as the token itself is a very positive development for the entire Ammolite industry and ammonite resources.

Here are some of the key features of the GEMXX Wallet:

  • It’s easy to set up 
  • You can do quick transactions
  • It’s a very secure wallet application 
  • It offers multiple ways to send cryptocurrency

They even made reference to the time when the real gemstone Ammolite officially received its recognition as gem status way back in 1981. They said completion of the digital version could be as important an event as the day the gemstone received its official recognition. 

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3) Pegged To Wholesale AMML Gemstone Price

The AMML token will be quite unique and unlike most of the other more popular cryptocurrencies, its price will be pegged to the price of the real Ammolite gemstone. Because it’s pegged against the wholesale price of the real Ammolite value, the Ammolite token has properties which make it stable and much like the conventional coin assets.

The developers of AMML have strategically positioned this latest cryptocurrency to improve the diversity of their sources of revenue, as well as to launch a massive awareness campaign about their company. They’re also expecting that the GEMXX Ammolite token will help improve the liquidity as well as monetize Ammolite resource holdings. They said they’re planning to use the additional revenues to fund further corporate growth. The changes are also planned to fund future production of Ammolite in large scale. 

4) Exchange Cryptocurrency

The developers of AMML token have already created and completed the algorithm and mechanism to make AMML an exchange currency. This would allow the existing cryptocurrencies to be exchanged for Ammolite tokens. The most popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, and more than a hundred other cryptocurrencies may now be quickly converted to AMML tokens.

CHSC is also planning to develop a functionality that would allow users of their app to buy AMML tokens with the use of around 52 fiat currencies around the world. Some of these currencies which are being planned to be included in this functionality are the USD, EUR, or CAD. The developers said they envision the AMML token to become a standard of exchange that is linked to other Ammolite resources. They also said they’re targeting emerging markets with young and dynamic populations.


There’s a new kid in the block among cryptocurrencies. It’s quite unique since it’s pegged against a physical mineral resource called Ammolite. The new cryptocurrency is called Ammolite-backed tokens. Being pegged against the wholesale price of the Ammolite gemstone, the digital currency has the attributes of stability. This makes AMML quite suitable to function as a standard and medium of exchange.

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