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A Strategic Communications Firm; Interview with Donna Loughlin, Founder and President of LMGPR.

Donna Loughlin

Donna Loughlin is an inspiration and a visionary storyteller who has shown exemplary leadership at LMGPR, a top strategic communications firm, based in Silicon Valley. In this exclusive interview with TechBullion, Donna will be sharing with us her success stories and her 5-step success platform.

Please tell us your name and a little more about yourself?

Donna Loughlin, president and founder of LMGPR, a PR consultancy focusing on innovation, and the host of “Before It Happened” podcast now on Apple and Spotify.

What is LMGPR and what unique services do you provide?

LMGPR is a strategic communications firm working with visionaries that are changing the future. Oftentimes these are emerging market visionaries that are bringing disruptive innovation to market in transportation, robotics, AI, Smart IoT, agriculture, and other industries. We take a hands-on approach in understanding their business and creating a story narrative that propels their brand presence quickly. We provide consultancy for new media introductions or ongoing campaigns and have worked with clients around the world to bring the innovators and their products center stage. Our proven approach is very targeted in moving the dial, quickly focusing on the most critical media stories for more than 500 companies to date. We have placed over a million articles for clients and cover stories with Popular Science, Reuters, BBC, Bloomberg, USA Today, CNN, Wall Street Journal, Businessweek, and many other prestigious outlets.

The perfect story at the right time can result in awesome outcomes for all the clients, be it during production of funds, revenue generation, and even at times of acquisition.

What were your inspirations and stepping stones to founding LMGPR?

The firm was formed to help early-stage companies get full service agency consultancy at a jumpstart engagement. Helping companies get a media boost prior to funding has helped dozens of companies to secure funding in the $20M+ range as well as help them establish partner and beta alliances. After that milestone, we work with our clients on a long-term retainer engagement and help them build momentum and brand cache. 

Building a successful PR business is not an easy job, how do you conquer all the roadblocks on the way, while still providing excellent services?

There is a lot of risk in establishing a business, but we work with risk takers all day, so it is in our DNA to be agile. We have weathered bad economies, elections, COVID, and other scenarios that could be pitfalls ,but we focused on the opportunities instead. As a result, we are very agile. Equally important: maintaining a superior level of integrity and engagement is the key to keeping our clients at the forefront. For me, the P in PR stands for “Powerful” and the R for “Relationships.” Together that means highly engaging relationships with clients and media that can drive results. 

 LMGPR is based in the heart of Silicon Valley. If this has been good for business, could you share some of your success stories with us?

Silicon Valley has a very elastic border and is the hallmark of innovation and excellence. Our clients hire us because of the proven portfolio and experience. We have worked with clients in North America, South America, Middle East, Far East, and Europe to bring their products to market and ultimately become leaders.

Could you tell us more about your career as a storyteller and Professional experience as the President of LMGPR?

I can honestly say I have been a storyteller since I was a child. I have always been fascinated with how things work and the people behind them. Science fairs were an early part of my education and submitting projects and reports garnered a lot of awards prior to discovering I had a gift for storytelling. Eventually I took journalism courses in high school and college, igniting my creativity even further. I had also been privileged to work on news, magazine and broadcast outlets by the time I was 16. The advancement of the digital age accelerated the speed of news and content even further, allowing agencies such as mine to service clients globally right from Silicon Valley. 

LMGPR has been in existence for 20 years, what is next on your future roadmap?

We have been fortunate to be part of two decades of tech evolution from cybersecurity, automotive, IoT, AI, robotics, and autonomous, and have seen the convergence of all three. Having our pulse on the next generation or generation 001 is always exciting. The “Before It Happened” podcast is an evolution of conversations with our clients and network of experts and their personal journeys bringing the most amazing ideas to life. We will be celebrating 2020 with many more amazing products and stories using digital media as a key component including the podcast.

What is your advice to visionaries wanting to bring a product out of stealth?

I have created a 5-step success platform for early-stage companies which has become the thumbprint for ongoing success. It’s an easy one to put on your mobile device and remind yourself to:

  1. Stay Relevant
  2. Be Bold and Fearless
  3. Think Out-of-the-Box
  4. Listen to and Understand Your Customers
  5. Be Agile

Do you have any opportunities for PR professionals, investors or partners at LMGPR?

We are always looking to collaborate with venture capitalists and the idea makers shaping new markets. In fact, a great portion of our business comes from an elite network of C-suite and venture capital networks we have built over the years. We often work with early-stage companies that are pre-revenue and that takes a very specific skill set we have done hundreds of times.   I am also looking for guests for Before It Happened. The show focuses on visionaries and the future they imagine. The guests on Before It Happened are taking us into the future.

Do you have more information for our readers?

You can find me on LinkedIn at Donna Loughlin,, or or go directly to Apple or Spotify for the podcast.Beforeithappened Podcast

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