A Step by Step Guide on How to use the Trade Exchange Platform

One thing is for certain, the traditional mode of operation of financial institutions in the financial ecosystem is to a large extent, deficient. Commercial banks, investment banks, stock exchanges etc. are all built on a faulty financial set up that does not benefit the customer. From inadequate transparency in the course of transactions to centralized exchanges to high transaction fees charged to customers, it is a largely unfair system that is due to be fixed. However, as it is difficult to pinpoint an exact faulty link in the financial system, the entire finance network system needs to be rectified and a group of developers created as the answer to rectification, to address the inequalities in finance. is a decentralized trading platform that leverages the blockchain technology to provide a platform that allows for peer to peer exchange trading while offering efficient and economical services. The Switzerland based company was founded by Jim Preissler, a seasoned businessman with over two decades of extensive experience in the field of investment banking. Preissler is supported by a team of equally qualified and experienced market analysts, blockchain developers, engineers and advisors that all offer a diverse and unique range of influences and experience to ensure that the best of the company’s services are put out for its customers.

The goal of the developers is to establish as the main marketplace for the trading of a wide range of financial assets. supports an incredible range of financial assets while offering its users the full benefits of blockchain, the revolutionary technology upon which it is built. The platform offers a peer to peer decentralised exchange that provides a distributed and incorruptible ledger of transactions fully transparent and traceable all through every step of the transaction.

Trade Token

The Trade platform is powered by Trade Token usually represented by TIO. TIO is an ERC-20 compliant utility token created to be used as a store of value and medium of exchange within the trading platform. The Trade Tokens were issued in a now completed ICO to raise funds for the development of the exchange and platform. The ICO was deemed highly successful as it raised over $31 million from about 15,000 investors surpassing the soft cap target with about $25 million.

Step by Step Guide on how to use

Using the utility token of the platform, users will be able to conduct transactions on any asset listed on the platform, purchase new assets and IPOs (Initial Public Offering – shares) listed on the platform as well as participate in the liquidity pool. The trading platform provides a decentralised trading liquidity pool for its participants, in other words, guarantees a constant and periodic cash flow irrespective of market price or volume.

The shared peer-to-peer liquidity pool of the platform stands out as its most innovative feature and the Trade Tokens grants token holders access to participate in the liquidity pool. For interested users and potential participants in below is a step by step guide on how to use the trading exchange;

  1. First of all, users are required to have a minimum of 2,500 TIO in their e-wallets before they can access the shared liquidity pool.
  2. With the requirements met, users can proceed to contribute a selected amount of the assets in their e-wallets to the pool.
  3. 50% of the total profits or losses generated at the end of every 24 hour period will be credited to or debited from the user and paid out as fees from the pool on a daily basis.
  4. The daily reward is directly proportional to the amount of any accepted and listed store of value  (Trade Tokens, Fiat currency, and cryptocurrency) contributed to the pool.

Here is an illustration how the liquidity pool works;

  1. For every 2500 TIO locked for participation, a participant is entitled to a 10% profit participation. Using this formula, that means that 5000 locked tokens equal a 20%, 10,000 tokens equals a 40% while 12,500 tokens would give a 50% profit and so on.
  2. If a pool generates $20,000 at the end of the day, remember only 50% of the profits are shared, this means that the participants are entitled to a share of the $10,000.
  3. Let’s assume a user-contributed 40% to the liquidity pool, their share of the profit would be 40% of $10,000 which equals $4,000.
  4. Now if the user has 5,000 locked TIO for participation, they are entitled to 20% of their allocation on a daily basis. This would be 20% of $4,000 meaning the user would get a daily payout of $800.

Preissler had stated that the team would seed about $50 million and 50 million Trade Tokens into the liquidity pool to boost it. The Trade Tokens are listed for trade on the following exchanges OKEx, TIDEX,, and Bancor.


Trade Exchange makes it remarkably easier for its users to invest in a wide range of assets with support for over 120 types of financial assets. The platform is in compliance with several regulatory obligations including KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) regulations. is set to disrupt the finance industry and with a capable management team and advisory board, the success of the platform is assured.

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