A Sonic Marvel of 3BA + 2DD + 2PZT Hybrid Driver Earphones

(Geek Wold’s GK20 IEMs redefine audio excellence with their innovative 3BA + 2DD + 2PZT hybrid driver configuration and 4-way crossover technology)

Geek Wold, is proud to announce its latest innovation in the world of audio excellence – the Geek Wold GK20 In-Ear Monitors (IEMs). 

Designed especially for audiophiles and music enthusiasts, the GK20 IEMs are nothing but great innovation, offering an unrivalled listening experience. This is mainly through their unique hybrid driver configuration and advanced technology.


GEEKWOLD brand was established in 2017, GEEKWOLD team has long developed a variety of drive unit hybrid technology headset,launched GK10(1BA+2PZT+2DD) with excellent sound quality, by many users love. With the development of multi-unit hybrid technology by GEEKWOLD engineers for a long time and the higher demand of users, GEEKWOLD launched a new representativeGK20 (3BA+2DD+2PZT).
> The use of 2DD as a low frequency, with good low frequency texture, deep diving, elastic foot characteristics.

> The use of large size full frequency BA as the intermediate frequency, the voice is clear and transparent, high analysis, good sense of detail.

> The use of custom 2BA as a high frequency, high frequency details, high analysis, good extension, the position of the instrument and high restoration of timbre.

> The use of 2 piezoelectric ceramic units as extremely high frequency, sound detail analysis is more rich, better analytical quality, low frequency, medium frequency, high frequency have a compensation effect.

Here are some essential facts to consider when buying these top quality headphones.

Top Features of the Geek Wold GK20 IEMs:

GK20 Driver Configuration:

  • High Resolution Composite 2BA for high-frequency precision.
  • High-resolution Large Size Full-Frequency BA for medium frequencies.
  • Composite 2-unit 8mm Piezoelectric Ceramic Unit for extremely high frequencies.
  • 8mm Coaxial Dual-Cavity DD with LCP Diaphragm DD and Composite Titanium Diaphragm DD for low frequencies.

Here are the product Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Dongguan Guansheng Technology Co., LTD
  • Brand: GEEK WOLD
  • Model: GK20
  • Impedance: 10Ω
  • Sensitivity: 105dB
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz
  • Headphone Cable Specification: 1.2m, 4.4 plug, 4 strands 112*0.06, oxygen-free copper silver plated + single crystal copper mixed.

Some more added features:

Hybrid Driver Configuration: 

The GK20 is a great combination of three Balanced Armature Drivers (3BA), two Dynamic Drivers (2DD), and two Piezoelectric Drivers (2PZT). It is a perfect blend of technologies that offers harmonious balance of high, medium, and low frequencies. This has resulted in great audio experience for the users.

4-Way Crossover Technology: 

In order to get this unparalleled audio clarity, the GK20 employs sophisticated 4-way crossover technology. It assures that each driver operates optimally through its dedicated frequency range. This helps in eliminating any interference and the listeners get clear sound quality.

3D Printing Processed Shells: 

GK20’s earphone shells are created using state-of-the-art 3D printing technology. Thus, for the users it ensures a perfect fit and brings a touch of elegance to their design.

To know more or to buy the product the product, please visit Here.

About Geek Wold:
Geek Wold is the leader in audio technology. It is dedicated to delivering premium audio products which caters to the sensitive tastes of music enthusiasts and professionals alike. Geek Wold continues to set new standards in the audio industry.

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