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A smart guide to hiring an elder law attorney


Elder law is legally specialized to focus on older adults and their needs. Having all essential documents up to date helps caregivers have the legal right to provide the best care to their seniors. Hence, finding a specialist in this field is vital to help draw the required documents. Some specific needs covered by elder law include:

  • Power of attorney, along with many legal documents
  • Medical aid planning and care
  • Planning and payments for the long-term care
  • Veteran benefits
  • Disability planning
  • Estate planning

Local law is often specific for each state and differs from one state to another.

  • Elder abuse 

How can an elder law attorney help older adults, seniors, and their family caregivers?

  • Plan for the future and protection of assets

A professional elder law attorney is an experienced person to advise on planning for future care requirements. They are the right person to answer questions regarding eligibility for Medicaid so that it also pays for nursing homes, how to protect assets and still be able to afford senior care, etc. There are numerous complicated questions, and the answers vary from person to person. A reputable law specialist helps to protect the senior’s financial situation while at the same time making sure that they get the love they deserve. Every penny paid as fees to them is well worth it because it saves the family from future legal complications and spending thousands.

Ensure that the family’s legal documents are up to the mark.

Hence it is essential to have all legal documents prepared accordingly.

  • How to hire the right elder attorney?

At the time of elder law planning, here are a few tips for hiring a reasonable elder law attorney:

  1. An initial consultation

An in-person meeting between a lawyer and client helps both parties understand the other’s approach and way of working. It is also good to meet more than one lawyer and compare their responses. Many lawyers also offer a 15-30 minute meeting at a minimal charge.

  1. Research their experience in similar cases

With years of practice comes experience. The number of cases they have dealt with, similar to those of your older adult, makes it easier for you to decide.

  1. Evaluate their quality of service

It is crucial to work with someone responsive as well as professional. When evaluating the customer service of a lawyer, the following questions must get answered:

  • Are they professional and polite?
  • Do they respond to emails and calls timely?
  • Do they take time to make sure their clients understand what they are explaining?
  • Do they follow up with what they have committed to doing?
  • Take lots of notes
  • Taking plenty of notes at each meeting and consultation is beneficial when comparing and making the final decision.

The elder law attorney ensures that all necessary documents, including the Power of Attorney and living, are correctly completed.

  1. Check the credentials

The last step before hiring any lawyer is to check the State Bar Association website for the particular state. It is essential to ensure that this lawyer holds an active license to practice law in the said state.

The bar numbers or names will also tell if they have been publicly disciplined.

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