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A Seller’s Guide to Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)

Amazon Marketing Services

Amazon now has over 300 million active customers. Have you ever considered it for a moment? They all have one characteristic: a high tendency to buy.

Yes! Amazon is an amazing goldmine for advertising due to its excellent conversion rates and inexpensive cost per click.

The majority of the time, Amazon merchants are unaware of all accessible advertising options. We’ll cover all you need to know about Amazon marketing services (AMS) in this piece, including:

  1. Do you need Amazon marketing services?
  2. Types of advertising solutions offered in Amazon marketing services
  3. Why is it necessary to integrate Amazon marketing services into your e-commerce business?
  4. What you should know about Amazon’s online business?
  5. The following stages will help you construct a comprehensive roadmap.
  6. Finally, some reflections


  1. Do you need Amazon marketing services?

Amazon has managed to increase its marketing capabilities since its first deployment of marketing solutions. It started with Sponsored Items and swiftly grew to Sponsored Labels and Sponsored Showcase commercials. Including the ad forms, the targeting alternatives within each ad kind have risen in recent years. Numerous beta alternatives are accessible during the campaigns. Thus, it is vital to comprehend all of your alternatives whenever it comes to growing on Amazon.

In a globalized economy like Amazon, competitiveness is tremendous. You may invest in impressions and clicks on most online advertising sites. Amazon, on the other side, employs a different technique. You determine how much you want to pay when a consumer clicks on your ads…

This offers you perfectly alright command over your marketing budget. Furthermore, exchange rates are stronger due to the viewer’s high buy intent.

Furthermore, Amazon marketing service started streamlining its ad reporting. They may not be the optimum way for diving further into customer search patterns, but they are incredibly vital for determining what performs and what does not.

Ultimately, Amazon marketing services minimize time and money while obtaining the necessary degree of brand recognition.

  1. Types of advertising solutions offered in Amazon marketing services
  • Amazon Sponsored Products

We understand from our history managing hundreds of advertising campaigns at SellerApp that sponsored goods are among the most effective techniques to improve your Amazon selling. These are the simplest basic form of ads supplied to Amazon businesses.

Check out the following reasons that you should employ Amazon sponsored adverts in your marketing efforts:

  • They are available on practically every page of the shopping process, making them highly valuable to suppliers.
  • They frequently convert at a better rate than various ad varieties.
  • They are presented on Amazon’s SERPs (search engine results pages) and appear similar to natural results. As a consequence, customers may simply discover these adverts.
  • Sponsored products commercials are quite competitive. Bear in mind that they are only accessible if you have the Buy Box.
  • Advertisements for Sponsored Brands

After completing an item inquiry, the very first thing a shopper sees is Amazon-sponsored brand adverts. Paid brand adverts show at the above, besides, and inside the search findings page. They help in the finding of your business, its merchandise, and your brand’s Amazon shop. When leveraged correctly, social networking may enable you to reach new consumers, boost product considerations, and raise brand awareness.

Using Amazon sponsored brand adverts, you may exhibit your company logo, a distinctive title, and up to three items. All that is necessary is:

  • A selling account that is associated with the Amazon brand registration.
  • A unique Amazon shop
  • Best-sellers

       Why should you run Amazon-sponsored brand advertisements?

Take the number of active customers and dealers on Amazon, and you’ll understand the crucial significance of marketing. Brand recognition is a vital aspect of sponsored brand ads. Additionally:

  • You may create traffic for your own company. This helps buyers to get familiar with your full product line.
  • If your ads show at the top of the search engines and in other notable spots, they boost your brand’s visibility. Higher exposure = increased money!
  • When you start moving sponsored advertisements, analyze your search words report to discover which phrases are not converting. Negatively approach them and continue improving your adverts.
  • Amazon Sponsored Advertisement

Amazon promoted display adverts are CPC (cost-per-click) advertisements that could be highly advantageous for your advertising efforts. Amazon permits you to show your adverts to customers who have viewed products that are similar to yours.

Sponsored show adverts target viewers based on their purchase behaviour utilising consumer demographics.

  • The Benefits of Sponsored Display Advertisements

Sponsored display advertisements are advantageous if you wish to:

  • Increase the number of visitors to your product details page
  • Increase brand exposure among a specific audience shopping for items similar to yours
  • Increase awareness of freshly introduced items
  • Increase your traffic by using your competitor’s listing.

Because sponsored display advertisements are not visible on the Amazon search results page, they often have a lower conversion rate. As a result, they are less competitive than Sponsored brands and Sponsored product advertisements.

  1. Why is it necessary to integrate Amazon marketing services into your e-commerce business?

The primary purpose of an advertising campaign is to accomplish a set of objectives that will help your organization flourish. To do this, we often establish a few goals and a budget to ensure that our money and resources are not depleted. You may benefit from Amazon pay-per-click ads in the following ways:

  • Develop pleasurable shopping experiences

With millions of companies competing on Amazon, you must differentiate your brand. Therefore, you must develop enjoyable shopping experiences for your clients, and Amazon’s marketing service

can undoubtedly assist you in this endeavor!

  • Acquire information and enhance product listings

A well-optimized product listing converts at a greater rate. Increased sales result in improved reviews and ranking. Utilize your ad campaigns to identify high-converting keywords with a low ACoS (advertising cost per sale) and target them in your listings. Enhance your listings’ essential pillars — the product title, description, and questions and answers. This results in a devoted client base.

  • Provide convenience

Customers have little control over the information you provide to them. As an advertiser, you should make your clients’ lives easier. Perhaps your primary selling point is the convenience you provide. Creating distinctive storefronts, landing sites, and simple return policies simplifies their lives. This significantly improves the shopping experience.

  1. What you should know about Amazon’s online business?

Amazon Stores is one of Amazon advertising’s most valuable services. With Amazon shops, you can create personalized landing pages. You do not need to be a coder. Simply locate the drag and drop tiles with predesigned templates and use them appropriately. What’s the greatest part? It is completely free!

All that is required is an Amazon seller central account that is registered with the Amazon brand registration. Amazon agencies and sellers, on the other hand, must have an advertising console account. Once logged in, ‘Stores’ will appear in the main navigation bar.

Having a store on Amazon enables buyers to find items and suggestions on the site. You may share a readable URL and use advertising on and off Amazon to bring customers to your businesses. These efforts will help you advertise your business and swiftly raise your revenues. By delving into your store’s analytics, you can improve your advertising strategies.

Following Amazon’s approval of your application to start a shop, you must complete the processes outlined below:

  • Create web pages using the pre-designed templates.
  • Display your items with relevant material such as photographs, text, and videos.
  • Submit your shop and Amazon will examine it within 72 hours.

Once your Amazon shop is up and running, Amazon will provide you with a special URL to utilize in your marketing activities.

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