A Secure Private Messaging Network Using LoRa

LoRa is a long-range, low-power solution for industrial IoT applications. The wireless communication system has many attractive features, such as multi-usage, encrypted data transmission, super long range, minimal cost, and low power consumption. It provides greater coverage with a wide range when compared to cellular networks in both private and public places.

These features enable it to solve various challenges in both rural and urban life. Some applications of LoRaWAN are in transportation, manufacturing, household appliances, facilities, and smart environment. But in this article, our focus will be on how LoRa wireless design can help with the creation of secure communication. 

How Can LoRa Work Without the Internet?

The LoRa private network makes it possible for users to connect their facility devices without requiring an internet connection. So, when setting up a LoRa network, the users set up their sets of nodes, network topology, and LoRaWAN network gateways within the private network.

Moreover, the LoRa design provides gateway topology and general nodes so that many nodes can send private message data to the gateway. And the gateway connected these nodes using a radio or wireless network known as internet-independent. It is just like if you’re using a walkie-talkie offline.  Furthermore, the gateway module receives data from these nodes.

Thus, by using chirp spread spectrum communication and the license-free GHz band, LoRa devices convert data into RF signals, which the user can send and receive wirelessly over the air. And this gateway module has an internet connection. Then it sends all sensor data to the cloud or server. 

Moreover, the distance between nodes and the gateway is about 5-10 kilometers. And together, this system can provide coverage over almost 50-100 km square area where nodes are free from any internet connection. 

So, in this system, there is no need for IoT nodes to have cellular or Wi-Fi connections. Only the radio module is required for nodes to communicate with gateways.

Advantage of Using a Private Messaging Network with LoRa

So, using a private messaging network with LoRa technology means you are getting the highest security standards, scalability, flexibility, and control. Here are some of the advantages.

  • Some of the top-notch advantages of LoRa are its low-cost, low power, and low-range connectivity.
  • Using a private LoRa network would allow an organization to fully control and secure a specific application within its network infrastructure.
  • LoRaWAN private networks significantly reduce the risk of data breaches and intrusions, and it is because the organization handles all data internally.
  • The LoRa security protocol facilitates end-to-end encryption of the application (encrypted messaging apps) payloads communicated between application servers and end devices.
  • We can say that LoRa is one of those IoT networks that provide end-to-end encryption.

Also, LoRa electronic design helps the private messaging services to enable users to make customization and amendments in completing the network control.

Security of Private Messaging Network

There has been an increase in security issues due to the rise of connected devices. IoT represents a perfect target for such an issue because it contains more than 22 billion Internet-connected devices worldwide. So, to mitigate the security issues, LoRa technology enables private messaging network security. In LoRa, the server sends “Join Accept Messages” to devices when it accepts join requests. Network and application servers calculate two 128-bit keys for each network node, which includes the following.

  • Network session key: LoRa assures the equipment’s authenticity with this key.
  • Application session key: LoRa assures the confidentiality and security of transmitted data over the network with this key.

Also, only the application provider can have the application key, which enables optimal network security and stops third parties from viewing the data. Similarly, the network operators communicate network keys with authorized applications.


How LoRa Is Helping Industries to Send Private Messages without the Internet

Sometimes we might face problems due to the lack of internet connectivity. While traveling, camping, or hiking, tourists might face no internet access. And if the tourists are camping in a forest, there is a chance of getting lost in the woods, and it can be scary if you don’t have any rescue device.

Before heading on a camping or hiking trip, it is also vital to know the weather and surrounding conditions of the area. And for this, there is a need for a network device that keeps you updated. So, measuring such indicators can be accomplished with a private network of LoRa wireless devices.

People can use the LoRa design service to send private messages far away from each other without access to the internet when camping. They can privately send a message and can have private chats as well as let each other know the location and weather conditions. And using this private network, people can collaborate on applications in a limited area. 

It can help people gain more confidence, reliability, and safety. They can do this by just opening the monitoring app using the LoRa network device, and all the conditions can be viewed easily. It also allows them to choose the destination that fits perfectly per their requirements.

Moreover, the monitoring app displays all the indicators in real time. So, according to the conditions, people can switch to a more convenient place. And it is a prime example of automation and monitoring working hand in hand. Thus, using LoRa wireless design, you can be assured of an inexpensive option that will allow you to get low-power yet long-range signals with good coverage.


LoRa technology is a network-building technology that anyone can use to build long-range IoT devices at an affordable cost. And with LoRa’s design service, it is possible to communicate even if the power grid, cellular networks, and the Internet go down. Moreover, it is entirely private and unsurvivable by automated means to make the private messaging network. 

And the plus point is it does not reveal any information about you or information regarding the contents of your conversations. As a result, Arshon technology has set the benchmark for providing the best solutions based on LoRa’s design.


Author: Anna Mohammadlou IoT Hardware Designer at Arshon Technology Inc.


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