A Risk-Free Crypto Hedge Fund – Could it Be? 

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Nicosia, 18.10.2022 – with the bear market getting comfortable, it’s easy to lose sight of the innovative, shiny technology that the era of the blockchain has given us. Indeed, through smart contracts, AI and farming initiatives, a new ecosystem, Zoinks, is offering us a versatile, risk-free investment platform that takes advantage of decentralized hedging in a way never seen before. Wiping away the ashes of the 2021 bull run immemorial, we’re unearthing a reliable tool where you’ll be able to place and multiply your capital, regardless of the state of the market. 

Remember These Tokens 

In the Zoinks ecosystem, you’ll find four crypto-tokens: Zoinks, which are algorithmic stablecoins, issued 1:1 with BUSD; and Snacks, which are bonded tokens linked to Zoinks, Ethereum and Bitcoin. Both tokens interact with one another to ensure unprecedented reliability, simplicity and profitability for the investor. Let’s take a look at why that this: 


The reliability of the ecosystem is ensured in a few ways. First of all, as Zoinks are minted on BUSD with a capped supply, the liquid trading pair is more resilient to unbalancing forces. 

Another advantage comes in the efficiency of the algorithm that the ecosystem uses to manage inflation and reduce risk for investors. As Snacks follow a bonding curve that isn’t affected by external market forces, stability is ensured. Indeed, the system cannot lower the rate or release as many Snacks as it wants either. 

Moreover, with Zoinks being the intermediate asset, Btc/Eth Snacks are linked directly to hedge the risk of volatility. Indeed, when a rate reduction is observed, the holder’s loss is minimized due to their holder’s reward. By the same token, rate improvements are more profitable. 


A key target market for the ecosystem is traditional investors. Therefore, simplicity of use for those who are seldom engaged in blockchain-based investment endeavors features in this triumvirate of values. As a result of Zoink’s liquid pair with the one of the most popular BUSD stable tokens, the asset is available for purchase on recognised crypto-platforms through direct exchange. No additional knowledge or time is required for investors to immediately start generating profits. Moreover, the platform automates investment actions as much as possible to free up the time of the investor. The LunchBox system is an example of this automation, where rewards are transferred into a contract that generates further profits. 

As an added bonus, assets can be deposited and withdrawn quickly through the platform’s pioneering technology. This means that investors will lose less on a downward trend, and gain more on an upward trend. 


Of course, in addition to reliability, Zoinks farming is set to provide unprecedented profit to token holders. 

Zoinks can be traded for BUSD across various decentralized exchanges, and can be minted on the official site at a 1:1 ratio. This means that traders are able to earn on the difference between the DEX rate and the official site rate. 

Moreover, by providing liquidity through the ecosystem’s bonded token, Snacks, not only will holders be able to earn as the dollar improves in value over time, but by maintaining liquidity, stakers are able to multiply their invested capital. 

The Zoinks ecosystem also offers an ingenious smart contract named PULSE, which feeds the system with commissions that it generates through various operations. Once every 12 hours, the contract will take 10% of all available Zoinks and release Snacks. At the same time, it will take 10% of all snacks and put them back into Zoinks. Another 10% of the Snacks will go into a single stake mechanism, while another 10% of the Zoinks will be transferred into BUSD, then LP tokens via PancakeSwap. Moreover, the PULSE system never sells its liquidity. 

The Crypto Spring

“The Zoinks Ecosystem is designed to alleviate and eventually eliminate three major pain points that exist within the cryptosphere today; a lack of Sustainability, Profitability, and Risk. By utilizing our proprietary system, new and seasoned investors alike can enjoy steady returns, no matter the direction of the market.” – Chris Abdey, Advisor at Zoinks (Canada & US). 

A crypto hedge fund that combines the golden triumvirate of reliability, simplicity and profitability has traditionally been a pipe-dream for the blockchain community. The truth is that the underlying technology that would make such a platform possible is starting to wake up from incubation, and with the talented team of developers behind the Zoinks project, we’ve certainly got a lot to look forward to when the launch-date arrives next month. To learn more about the platform, and stay up to date with future releases, make sure to follow Zoinks on social media. Indeed, this is the only way that you’ll be on-time for the launch! 





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