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A Review of TrendSpider

A Review of TrendSpider

TrendSpider takes automatic technical analysis to a far higher level than ever before. It uses an incredibly unique machine learning algorithm and by doing this, this stock market charting platforms adapts and changes according to user inputs. This TrendSpider review believes this to be a highly intriguing way to make informed trades.

It can definitely be hard work, but TrendSpider looks to make things a little bit easier. Its awesome machine learning algorithm makes it easier to spot trends which results in the ability to make winning trades. TrendSpider is a stock analysis software that takes full advantage of automated technical analysis. 

TrendSpider is aimed at day traders, swing traders, and general investors, and this platform can help you to spot trends faster than ever. If you are wanting to spot and exploit intra-day stock market trends faster, TrendSpider could be the right platform for you. It is best for:

  • Active traders
  • Early adopters
  • Advanced traders

Learning how to make decisions faster is the cornerstone of successful stock market trading. Through a large range of unique charts, including the ground-breaking TrendSpider Raindrop chart, investors can easily add an extremely powerful tool to their arsenal to become better than ever before. Let’s take a look into TrendSpiders pros and cons and figure out if it is the right platform for you, and while you’re at it, check out this AcreTrader review.

The pros and cons of TrendSpider

These days, TrendSpider currently has offices based in locations such as Russia, Ukraine, India, and even the U.S. It was founded in 2016 and the premise of the platform is that it was designed by traders, for traders. With its fully customizable automated technical analysis, stock traders can incorporate machine learning algorithms into their trading strategies.

There are also plenty of educational options to help you deal with the learning curve, including highly detailed blog posts and video classes.


  • 7-day free trial
  • Automated trendline analysis
  • Rapid analysis for price action
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • Slow loading charts
  • Viewing multiple charts at once can be difficult

Is TrendSpider the right platform for you?

TrendSpider is a very solid technical analysis platform and this review only solidifies that. It does a great job of taking advantage of the latest technology around right now and its machine learning algorithm works while dramatically cutting down the amount of time it takes to perform your analysis. While newbies can easily become confused and find it difficult to take full of advantage of the tools available, the in-depth learning centre offers everything you will need to be able to learn how everything works.

The learning curve is easy to overcome with the learning centre and it is most certainly a very intriguing product on the market these days. Overall, Trendspider is an incredibly solid tool to add to your trading strategy and in years to come, it will become even more valuable to traders. Check out TrendSpider today and sign up for a 7-day free trial.

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