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A Review of TradingView

If you’re something that is obsessed with charts to the point that they want the most in-depth and technical analysis tools available, TradingView is for you. The charts offered by TradingView are used by tens of thousands of active traders on a day to day basis and they are among the most popular. People love TradingViews charts simply because they are presented in real-time and investors are able to choose specifically from a large variety of the most popular charts. For a better understanding, check out this TradingView review.

Most of the information is available for free which makes it accessible for basically anybody. This great platform is used by traders worldwide this freemium community-driven model by Stan Bokov is one of the most tantalising and highly regarded offerings in the investing world right now. In this article, we will be checking out TradingViews great features as well as the pros and cons. This way, you will be able to gain an understanding to see if TradingView is the right platform for you right now.

If you are interested in seeing another great review, head to this Axos Bank review. For now, we will talk a good look into TradingView and what it has to offer traders just like you right now!

TradingView features

The quality of the TradingView charting options are second to none and people cannot give them enough praise. The variety of options are simply amazing and every investor, no matter their experience, can find an option. It is the ultimate technical analysis platform for making stock picks. Let’s take a look!

Active Trading Community

Investors often find it very rewarding and helpful to discuss their ideas with other active traders who are likely on the same brain wave as them. Luckily, the TradingView investing community regularly collaborates and happily shares ideas as to what is going on with the market. If you are looking for a little bit of extra help from a friendly community or are wanting to learn something new, the active trading community provides invaluable knowledge by engaging with the community.

HTML5 Charts

With TradingView, you can create simple HTML5 charts specifically for tracking your chosen stocks. Investors can easily create dynamic charts that help track whole market sectors which is certainly an ideal feature. The great software also allows you to draw on your charts which is something that is not often offered by other charting software options.

Stock Screener

If you are ever looking for inspiration, the stock screener offered by TradingView allows you to easily search for stocks based on your specific criteria. This then gives you the option to be as in-depth or as broad as you like when you are looking for new investments in your journey. This is yet another amazing feature that TradingView offers.

Stock Alerts

With TradingView, you can choose from 12 different criteria for your ideal stock alerts. All of the alerts are sent out server-side directly to your computer or chosen mobile device. If a stock price reaches a certain level, you will instantly be notified in real-time, so you don’t miss out on any important happenings.

The Pros and Cons of TradingView

TradingView really is great. It offers low-cost charts and analysis on the latest stock picks that beats competitors by miles. Experienced and inexperienced investors, as well as anyone in-between, can successfully take advantage of this amazing cloud-charting and social networking software to make better stock purchases. It is seen as an essential tool for investors.

Let’s take a look into the pros and cons so you can make an educated decision to see if TradingView is for you.


  • Community-produced indicators
  • Basic charting as well as analysis with a free account
  • Compatible on both a desktop and mobile


  • Premium packages can become expensive
  • Very limited support available for most brokerage platforms

Is it right for you?

TradingView is highly recommended as a platform that is an exquisite source of data and analysis. It features an insane number of tools to support both newer and experienced investors as well as any sort of investor in-between. It far surpasses its competitors in many ways which is why it is so popular amongst the investing community right now.

However, the price that some of the premium memberships obtain can be quite pricey and at time questionable. People are trying to enhance their finances, not lose out on them. Only very few investors will find value for money when it comes to TradingView, but that doesn’t mean that it is entirely out of the question. There are many other options available that may be suitable.

Click here to check out TradingView, create a free account, and start picking winning stocks today! While you’re at it, read this Betterment Review for more great help in the investing world.

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