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A Review of the Best Folding Heybike Tyson E-Bike

Heybike has added yet another incredible ebike to its growing product lineup. Today, we will review the Heybike Tyson, the first magnesium alloy one-piece frame folding ebike that is also integrated with a smart app. Here are some of the most notable features of this ebike.

Features of Heybike Tyson

Right from the get-go you can easily see that the Tyson is equipped with a myriad of impressive features both in terms of aesthetics and performance. The elegant but comfortable design easily makes it one of the most coveted ebikes today, but it is the features underneath the surface that really makes the difference. Single-piece bike frames aren’t new, but it’s rare to see a full-suspension folding e-bike built on a one-piece magnesium alloy frame. That didn’t stop Heybike from chasing that dream and coming up with the Heybike Tyson folding electric bike.

Powerful Motor

The 750W geared hub motor gives you more than enough power to drive up slopes at speeds of up to 28mph. It lets you navigate any kind of rough terrain just as easily as you would bike on city roads.

High-Capacity Battery

The 48V 15Ah removable battery lets you travel as far as 55 miles with a pedal assist on a single charge. In case the battery runs out, you don’t have to worry because the Tyson also has a 4A charger for these emergencies. The regular charging time for the battery is 4-5 hours.

Dual Suspension

With both front and back hydraulic suspension, the Tyson can give you the most comfortable ride possible on even the bumpiest surfaces. This would be a huge plus for those who enjoy taking adventurous outdoor rides. It also features hydraulic disc brakes for better stopping power whether you are on the road or on rough terrain.

Multifunction Display

The Tyson’s convenient LCD display mounted on the handlebars gives you a clear view of valuable information while you ride, like speed, calories burned, battery level, and more. It also connects to a 4G version app through which you can control a multitude of settings.

Auto-On Headlights

As always, Heybike takes safety very seriously. Tyson’s headlights come with an auto-on feature and automatically light up during low-light conditions. The headlight is very bright and makes for easy visibility on the road for your safety.

Adjustable Seat and Handlebars

The seat and handlebars of the Heybike Tyson are adjustable, which lets you have maximum comfort during your ride. This also makes the ebike compatible will riders of any size, and also allows for sharing between two or more users.

All things considered, the Heybike Tyson exceeds most expectations in both performance and appearance. It also provides more than adequate features for safety and comfort. It is not the lightest nor the fastest folding ebike in the market today so you might want to take a look at other options if those are important considerations for you. We highly recommend Tyson for commuting, outdoor recreation, and casual rides.

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