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A Review of SpeedTrader

SpeedTrader is a trading platform that is specifically aimed at traders that require advanced tools. It offers the highest level of trading services and industry insiders praise it for just how fast its execution is as well as its variety of routing options. It is believed to be one of the best trading platforms around right now for day traders. In this SpeedTrader review, we will discuss the features of SpeedTrader and see just how good it really is.

If you are someone who is looking for a platform to help you make money through day trading, then you are in the right place, because SpeedTrader was designed for people just like you. It is specifically designed for the advanced trader who needs a solid, reliable, and fuss-free direct access, online broker. It utilizes the Das Trader trading software offering access via multiple platforms.

If you think that you require more advanced tools to facilitate your day trading, SpeedTrader provides many state-of-the-art tools which included a large range of routing options as well as shortlists. SpeedTrader has been in the business of day trading since around the year 1999. It is based out of New York and it is part of Stock USA Execution Services Inc.

During the designing process, it was aimed specifically at day traders who require far more advanced tools than they have had before so that they can maximize their profitability. Most of the reviews on SpeedTrader tend to highlight the flexible fee structures, however, it can be confusing. For this exact reason, and this one alone, it is not at all recommended for beginners. There is an insanely steep learning curve and those who are starting for the first time are expected to already have in-depth day trading experience.

It is specifically aimed at active veteran traders; however, the more experienced investors may be okay too. The fees favour more active traders who continue to make regular traders which $30 inactivity fees charged if fewer than 15 trades are made per quarter. This essentially means that the more trades you make, the better the deal you will get with SpeedTrader.

If you like this review, check out this Firstrade review by clicking here. For now, let’s take a deeper look into SpeedTrader by checking out its core features and how they each individually work and impact you as a user.

The core features of SpeedTrader

SpeedTrader is one of the best day trading platforms for the more advanced traders. It continually strives to offer highly advanced tools to meet the essential needs of the modern trader and this is a service that can help you facilitate more profitable trades. Let’s dive in and explore the core features.

Streamlined Das Trader Software

Das Trader is the software that sits at the heart of this trading platform. It consumes a far smaller amount of resources than its competitors while also being extremely seamless as well as fast. The reliable platform also comes with limited news feeds and a Twitter feed. For day traders who already use multiple setups, they can avoid any lag in pricing and trade execution by using a low-resource direct access brokerage platform.

Multiplatform Trading

There are three different platforms for trading offered by SpeedTrader. These platforms are known as SpeedTrader Pro, ActiveWeb, and Mobile Trading. They are all iterations of the same platform on separate platforms despite the fact that they are all marketed independently. All three of these great platforms offer a large amount of flexibility, however, one of the downsides is that there is absolutely no support available for trading using an Android device.

Direct Access to Multiple Routing Options

SpeedTrader does exclusively focus on the U.S. stock markets, however, where it truly tends to shine is in the large number of ways that you can take advantage of market liquidity. There are far more than 25 different routing options within the tradable markets that are offered on the platform. Orders are filled at a lightning-fast speed which means that all traders can make a profit far faster than ever before.

Advanced day traders that are taking advantage of SpeedTrader will find that they benefit from far better pricing and up-to-the-second market data.

Is SpeedTrader the right platform for you?

SpeedTrader is exclusively seen as the number one trading platform for the experienced/veteran trader that is in need of an advanced platform that actually supports them. When you are comparing SpeedTrader to various other free brokerages, frequent traders can extract a lot of value from this lightning-fast platform that they simply won’t get from other platforms. Overall SpeedTrader is great for the frequent day trader who is looking to specifically focus on traditional assets within the U.S. markets and it doesn’t get much better than this.

Create an account with SpeedTrader and try out the 14-day free trial on SpeedTrader Pro.

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