A Review of Shivom; the Genomic Data-Hub Blockchain Project and its ICO.

Shivom is an organization that is creating a data-hub for making revolutions and paradigm-shifting innovations in the fields of biotechnology, healthcare and other aspects of human life, thanks to the collaboration between industry leaders and DNA donors. They also plan to usher in an era of medical breakthrough through the direct partnership with government regulated research institutes.

Ever since its launch, the goal of Shivom has been the same;

“To become the largest and foremost genomic data hub on the face of the Earth”

In order to achieve that, they are looking to build a platform where DNA contributors are able to control their genomic data; these people have full control over it, are able to determine who has (as well as who doesn’t have) permission to access it, and they are given rewards for sharing these data.

Thanks to the implementation of blockchain technology, Shivom is creating a fully functional and all-inclusive genomic ecosystem. By doing so, they will offer a platform where healthcare providers will be able to add a wide array of apps and services, as well as develop genomic data analysis and medicine as well.

The various benefits that this holds include, but are not limited to:

  • The transformation of essentially unclear genomic data into information that will be useful for research and further analysis
  • Breaking down data silos
  • Accelerating clinical tests and trials
  • Facilitating the processes of research and development all over the field of medicine
  • Sponsoring sequencing  projects in order to get access to useful and relevant information

The creators of Shivom developed it with the following visions in mind:

Accelerating the advent of the genomics age

Genomes are unique codes that are embedded in the genes of everyone. These genomes hold the secrets and building blocks to basically everything that is unique and peculiar to everyone; ancestry, appearance, intellectual properties and acumen, fitness, health, and much more. Shivom is aimed at unlocking the ability of the genome to reveal susceptibility to diseases and illness. This capability has been overlooked, and Shivom is looking to bring it to light.

Improving global health

As opposed to organizations that make use of genomic data to make money and who don’t really use this information to help people, Shivom is looking to inspire development and research into the possible genomic challenges of the next generation, thereby promoting global health.

Jumpstarting the development of genome-based precision medicine

By making use of advanced technology such as cloud computing, AI, genome sequencing, blockchain technology, and much more, Shivom is ushering in the new age of genome analysis.

Enhancing data privacy

The goals of Shivom are incredibly advanced but they have still stuck to their commitment to ensuring the privacy of their donors and DNA contributors To wit, they have adopted state-of-the-art cryptography to boost their security and ensure privacy across their platform.

The Shivom ICO

The Shivom ecosystem is run by an internal mechanism, with the OmiX token serving as the major driving force. The OmiX token enables users to trade and incentivize the services made available by the Shivom platform.

Shivom will be putting plans in motion for the launch of their bounty program which will reward their customers with OmiX tokens. The bounty pool will have 30 million tokens allocated, and the program is expected to run till the token sale. Any bounties won will be paid within 3 days of the end of the token sale.

There’s hope for the vision of global health and well-being… that hope is alive with Shivom.

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