A Review of Peer to Peer Solutions Foundation

P2P Solutions Foundation is a blockchain powered interface that provides a decentralized peer to peer communication system for its users without the need for intermediaries or meddling third parties. A Push System platform was first founded in March 2010 under the US-based Limited Liability company Incorporation of Innovative Solutions International before it was rebranded to a research and development corporation. The Push System is a secure and interference-free digital system, however, the P2P Solutions Foundation was not fully developed and integrated until September of 2017.

Until recently, no form of digitalized online data exchange was 100% confidential and secure, even transactions on seemingly private networks. The goal of P2PS is to offer its users an absolutely secure peer to peer exchange system where the confidentiality and security of data on the network are guaranteed. The digital solutions platform will utilize P2PS token, an ERC20 compliant crypto token on the Ethereum network. The tokens will be used to facilitate transactions on secure, interference-free, decentralized, peer to peer communication systems. The ICO of P2PS tokens is in two stages, the first stage was just concluded while the second stage yet to begin will commence on the 2nd of April 2018.

Features and services

Perhaps one of the greatest let downs of the digital exchange and storage system is the vulnerability of data. Any information held online is susceptible to data breaches, hacking and other cybersecurity issues. With the abundance of sensitive data available online, a discreet and secured communications system is no longer a luxury, rather a necessity. P2PS is the first of its kind decentralized peer to peer network that guarantees complete privacy and safeguarding of users’ data. With P2PS, users can be assured that sensitive information like medical records, banking details, classified government documents etc. are all securely locked and inaccessible to third parties during exchanges.

Furthermore, P2PS utilizes the revolutionary blockchain technology, its decentralized system is on account of implementation on the blockchain. P2PS functions by breaking data into several bits and storing the information in pieces (i.e. information is not stored as whole and hackers would have to access every hub the pieces are stored in to restore the data incomprehensible and human understandable form, a process that is not completely practicable).

Problems solved

  • P2PS provides a platform that fixes the problem of data breaches common to any digitally stored data.
  • Other than safeguarding information, P2PS also provides a solution to information interference, ensuring that private information remains classified.

What makes P2P Solutions Foundation unique?

  • The P2PS tokens are utility tokens that were created to expedite transactions and services on the P2PS platform.
  • It can be integrated into basically any communication systems platform that is attentive to the privacy and security of their assets e.g. Government and Defense, Medical and Pharmaceutical, Digital Education, Banking, and Finance sectors and various other corporate sectors that generate a lot of sensitive data.
  • Eventually, it is expected that traditional licenses will give way for P2PS tokens. These traditional systems are common to educational systems – Electronic Learning Inc., and eLearning solutions – Pan Excels.


Peer to Peer communication has never been more secured and private than with the innovation of P2P Solutions Foundation. P2PS is supported by a top-notch team made up of an advisory team and a variety of skilled and experienced tech analysts, engineers, consultants and specialists in telecommunications to ensure that peer to peer communications are completely confidential with no interference from any third party, a group inclusive of network and systems administrators. The digital solutions system is currently in partnerships with a considerable number of organizations including Koles Coin News, Pan Excel and Soho Loft Media Group.


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