A Review of Helbiz Car Sharing Blockchain and Token Sale

One of the most trending Cryptocurrencies for this 2018 is the revolutionary token of Helbiz, which plans to change the way we use our means of transport while benefiting from sharing our vehicles.

With a lot of resonance in the ICO world and an incredible project to be developed, Helbiz is positioned as one of the best digital currencies to invest in this year. It is worth asking, why? What makes Helbiz special?

Based on my experience, what makes Helbiz unique is not its good profitability, nor its excellent development team. What makes it a really special and significant investment is the proposed project behind it, intention, its purpose, its aspiration. How does Helbiz work then?

What is Helbiz and how does it work?

Helbiz is an ICO cryptocurrency that will allow the development and use of an innovative Peer to Peer platform focused on the use of personal means of transport, from cars to bicycles.

The purpose and work of the platform are that users can rent their vehicles to other users through the well-known Ethereum network and the BlockChain platform, guaranteeing security to both parties of the deal and significant savings in time and money.

Although it sounds exaggerated, recent research determined that we use our cars on average 4% of the time. During that other 96% of the time, they remain parked.

Helbiz aims to change that through its platform, not only to give rental opportunities to vehicle owners but also giving them possibilities to create and share data by accelerating innovation in the transportation industry.

The ICO of Helbiz

The sale of the Helbiz token, HelbizCoin, its ICO, went on sale on January 26, 2018, and plans to launch its full Token campaign on February 15 of this year. It intends to become the preferred payment method for transportation services.

As ICO looks formidable and profitable thanks to its team and development, however, what makes it an excellent investment will always be its purpose, which makes it real and usable.

For the HelbizToken its purpose represents a revolution in the transport industry with no precedent, giving the user real power.

The Helbiz platform

The development of the platform through HelbizCoin, the Ethereum network, and Blockchain technology will allow users to rent these vehicles quickly, efficiently and safely. For companies, it will serve as a kind of springboard that will improve their services and reach broader audiences.

What fascinates about this initiative is its functionality.

The developers of Helbiz propose a system with which, through confirmation, the user can unlock and instantly ignite the car digitally, eliminating the need for additional communication and coordinating delivery in two parts. In this way, intermediaries are not necessary.

The investment

Helbiz, unlike other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, does not pretend to be a magnet for the speculation of its real price.

If you decide to invest in Helbiz you must be aware that they are not coins made for resale, but for everyday use in transportation services, and whose price seems to remain stable in the future.

So, should you invest in the HelbizCoin? Because its use is limited to a growing market, we recommend that you only do so if you are interested in this car sharing market, and if you understand the profits you could get if the value of the currency increases.

That makes the HelbizCoin worthy of a formidable 8/10, positioning it as an excellent ICO for this 2018.

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