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A Quick Guide To Streetwear

2021 became the year of Streetwear. We used it for any occasion, we were looking for that comfort that was so internalized during the quarantine once we stepped out on the street, and, now, in 2022 we have learned to use this athleisure trend as authentic masters of fashion.

We have managed to make models typical of the gym such as ‘sweatpants’ become our ideal casual pants for any meeting with friends. And it is that, now, wearing a sporty look is synonymous with a trendy look.

Scroll down to read the quick guide for streetwear.

1) Choose Premium Fabric

When streetwear first started, the majority of designers typically made them using materials that were strong and could actually hold up to a lot of wear and tear and even extreme sports. This meant that they could easily survive falls from skateboarding and even skidding. However, this often resulted in clothing that looked boxy and wasn’t too flattering. 

Things have greatly changed in recent times and most streetwear that is now made are created quite cheaply. This means that they don’t last very long and won’t hold up to wear and tear such as falling from a skateboard or even many wash cycles. 

It is best to get premium fabrics for certain pieces of clothing to maintain your reputation while also improving sustainability. 

A good example of this is Ninety Percent. This company makes stylish streetwear that is comfortable out of TENCEL and organic cotton.

2) Select Shoes That Are Ethical

When it comes to footwear, heels are out, and now, it is fashionable to wear trainers with just about anything and everything. If you’re wearing streetwear, the shoes that you select can either make your outfit look amazing or totally ruin the look. When you take the time to carefully choose, you don’t need to go over your budget or buy something that was likely made in a sweatshop. However, you should choose shoes that were made using animal-friendly and ethical materials. 

Now, you may be wondering, how can you wear shoes that are more consciously chosen? We would definitely start with Stella McCartney x Adidas as these are vegan sneakers. They are extremely comfortable and can be used for walking or even working out. They are also made from upcycled plastic bottles and they are cruelty-free.

3) Forget About Hypebeast Culture

Most young people who are into fashion usually fall for things that have hype around them and are exclusive. This results in many people buying items that are trendy and not those that make them look good. Whatever the case may be, you should definitely choose clothing that goes well with your body type regardless of the brand or trending style. 

Remember, clothing that is trendy is typically bad for the environment. So, what may seem fashionable now will be seen as a bad choice in a couple of years. Instead, you should select streetwear that is classic and understated. For example, the Stella McCartney look will certainly be popular for many years.

4) Avoid Too Much Oversizing

You should avoid wearing clothing that is oversized since even though it may look good on thin and younger persons, it is no longer seen as a sophisticated style. The best sweatpants for street style are those that are tapered and show off your shape.

One good example is a cropped sweatshirt that is comfortable and roomy, however, it is not too big to hide your figure.

5) Fewer Logos Are Better

This is definitely a more obvious point, especially for adults. 

When you wear clothing with too many logos, it is obnoxious and flashy. It also makes you look like a walking billboard. Instead, it is best to only have one logo that is visible and the other pieces of clothing that you wear should be a bit more understated. For example, plain shirts such as those by Bassike are quite fashionable without having flashy logos. 

You should also look into brands that use their logos in a subtle way on their pieces such as Stella McCartney or even those that don’t even place their logo on their clothing.

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