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A Question From Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Changed My Life

Nicole Hill

Nicole Hill, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager at DailyPay

By Nicole Hill, Manager, DE&I, DailyPay

What is your life’s blueprint?

I will never forget that question which was posed to me by none other than Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I was in my class at Barratt Junior High School in Philadelphia listening to a speech Dr. King originally gave years earlier in 1967. The words from this iconic statesman will stay with me forever, “What is your life’s blueprint?”

At an early age, my siblings and I were taught by my mother to work hard, graduate from college and get a job. And once we found a job, we needed to work twice as hard as the next person. While Dr. King set the tone for us to believe in ourselves and strive for excellence in all that we do, my mother set the foundation so that my siblings and I could create our life’s blueprint. 

Growing up in Alabama, during a time when there weren’t many opportunities for Black and African Americans, my mother was determined to create a different life for her kids. The values instilled in us go well beyond anything imagined, and through the teachings of Dr. King, my mother constantly reminded us that anything was achievable and the importance of education. My mom has since passed, but one of her last wishes was that I obtain my master’s degree. She believed that by furthering my education I could create the life that she dreamed of and not be a victim of circumstance.

While creating my life’s blueprint, I navigated several career paths before discovering my purpose of being a driver of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Although it took years for me to pursue my passion, I can finally say that I’ve arrived at a place where I’m able to hold my head high and advocate for individuals who bring a broad range of unique experiences to the table that enhance organizations.

As the parent of a soon-to-be college graduate, I often ponder on my daughter’s future and how the workplace has evolved over the years. With the ‘Great Resignation’, sometimes referred to as the ‘Big Quit’, I wonder about the future of work. I wonder where my daughter will follow her passion, what it means for the incoming workforce and companies experiencing the effects of labor shortages, and how they will adjust to accommodate new expectations. 

Influenced by my mother’s advice, I continue to build on her values and encourage my daughter to awaken to a world of possibilities and explore the abundance of opportunities that exist. I continue to motivate my daughter to go within, find her purpose and choose a job that offers personal and career fulfillment. I know she is not alone, as evidenced by what sparked the Great Resignation. 

There were times when I didn’t feel empowered to use my voice, but, as Dr. King often reminded us, I did speak up and showed where I bring value. I now encourage my daughter to express herself, amplify her voice and acknowledge that her thoughts add value to discussions. As my daughter prepares for her next chapter, I hope that she’s inspired by my career decisions, follows her dreams, and chooses a company that’s purpose-driven and committed to the communities they serve.

As my career journey continues, I can safely say that I made the right decision to join DailyPay. To be part of a company that values unique experiences is rewarding. At DailyPay, I’m proud to say that I’m heard, valued and respected, and excited to be part of the on-demand pay revolution, impacting underserved communities. 

Whenever my insecurities start to creep in, I refer to Dr. King’s message to remind myself that I have created a blueprint Dr. King would be proud of and that my life has ultimate significance.  

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