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A Practical Guide to Winning a Metaverse Job In 2022

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The vast opportunities that the metaverse offers in replicating a digital version of practically anything – whether a football match, fashion show, or a live concert – has undoubtedly stirred much excitement in our society today. Nonetheless, much work has to be done behind the scenes for these ideas to come to fruition. Thus, large corporations such as Meta, NVIDIA, Microsoft, Adidas, Prada, Nike, and Balenciaga are actively hiring tech talents and enthusiasts to join their rocket ships in building their metaverse offerings. With that, we can naturally expect an increasing number of metaverse-related job vacancies starting to populate job searching sites and company career pages.

Nevertheless, not all metaverse jobs are coding-related. For example, if you are someone looking to break into the decentralized technology sector, having sufficient background knowledge in blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are non-negotiables. Other than that, large technology media platforms may be looking for writers specialized in covering the metaverse and its associated technologies. Thus, the sky is the limit for the range and types of metaverse jobs that may exist in the upcoming years.

With that, if you are curious about the different types of employment opportunities within the metaverse realm and the necessary skills you ought to possess to improve the odds of your application success, do consider reading on!

Types Of Metaverse Jobs Out There

From engineers to community managers, there is a diverse range of metaverse jobs that you could consider applying for. In particular, some of the popular roles that you could anticipate are:

Research scientists specializing in metaverse-related technologies

The notion of the metaverse can never transform into reality should there not be experts in computer science, deep learning, computer graphics, artificial intelligence, data, and so on working in this space. On that note, research scientists will serve as the defining pillars of this sector as they will conceptualize the architectural framework and prototypes for the metaverse using the relevant technologies, ranging from neural rendering (which means the use of video generation and deep image techniques to allow implicit or explicit control of environment properties like illumination and geometry), scene reconstruction (meaning the replication of a real-world object within the digital world), and three-dimensional (3D) computational photography (as in the use of digital software to improve the quality of camera photos).

Creative writers

If you are passionate about fictional writing, you’re in luck, as the metaverse will be filled with exciting job opportunities in this field. Whether it is the creation of immersive plots for games, corporate training, or educational materials, the potential of the metaverse to reconstruct anything under the sun in its digital realm will offer a unique prospect to you to unleash your creative juices that traditional offline publishing houses may not have previously appreciated.

Security managers for the metaverse

With the emergence of sexual harassment reports within Horizon Worlds, Meta’s virtual reality (VR) platform, and inappropriate sexual language in Roblox, we have arrived at a point where the metaverse needs security managers to police such problematic behaviours. These managers, in essence, will need to predict how the various metaverse functions could be abused and devise methods to prevent them from occurring. Moreover, they will provide suitable guidance on real-world identity verification and privacy policies. As a result, individuals considering a career as a safety manager for the metaverse will require an engineering background on top of a strong foundation in consumer law and psychology.

Metaverse asset advisors

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are closely interlinked with the metaverse. Large metaverses such as Decentraland and The Sandbox also offer crypto tokens. Meanwhile, companies like Coca-Cola have even launched NFT wearables that buyers can wear inside the metaverse. These, in turn, generate demand for metaverse asset advisors to consult individuals on the suitable assets to invest in.

The concept of metaverse asset advisors shares a lot of similarities with financial advisors, in which their day-to-day job involves identifying patterns in the market trends and devising a customized investment plan for their clients. Thus, people with venture capital or private equity background also have an opportunity to fuel the growth of the metaverse, even if they are not the ones building it! 

How Could You Increase Your Application Success Rate?

Before putting yourself out onto the metaverse job market, it is crucial to understand where your strengths and skillsets lie. What’s more, you need to demonstrate how they align well with the role you are applying for, as different metaverse jobs demand specific skills.

Meanwhile, Metaverse Insider has a collection of exciting news and industry insights regarding the metaverse space. Hence, if you are someone hoping to learn more about this futuristic technology, do consider checking their website out! 

On top of that, some of the other things you could consider doing to improve your candidate profile are as follows:

Obtain metaverse-related certifications

With a myriad of learning resources and platforms on the Internet, you could easily take advantage of such opportunities to obtain online certificates from the comforts of your home to enhance your applicant profile. For instance, prospective applicants seeking a role in metaverse avatar development must familiarize themselves with software such as Maya, Blender, and Cinema 4D. With that, Udemy and Coursera are top-rated sites offering many courses that help students develop necessary skillsets for such metaverse jobs.

Build a personal brand and portfolio

Given that metaverse jobs are an extremely hot topic at the point of writing, you can expect to compete with a large pool of candidates for a single position. Hence, building a memorable brand for yourself as a metaverse industry hope is always a wise strategy to help you stand out amongst the tough competition. Meanwhile, as most corporations are highly likely to prioritize candidates possessing relevant work experiences, volunteering to work on projects or manage communities can be an excellent way for you to construct a portfolio. Your portfolio would, in turn, exhibit your skills in a specific niche, which could elevate your position as an experienced hire amongst the competition.

Concluding Thoughts

In summary, the demand for metaverse experts is expected to surge in the upcoming years as the metaverse presents possibilities that are only restricted by one’s imagination. Nevertheless, job seekers are strongly advised to be strategic in their approach to landing a metaverse job as the field will be hyper-competitive.

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