A Pocket Guide To Offer The Best Onboarding Experience To New Hires


Recruiting talent in the organization is not just about taking interviews. HR managers are expected to hire the best of talents in the organization by taking several conscious steps. Scouting for the perfect fit, ensuring their availability, arranging their meeting with the department leaders, finalizing the terms, hosting orientation, and initiating onboarding are just a few of the many steps that HRs undertake. 

Going through the process is expensive, both in terms of money and time. Thus, it is essential to retain the employees in an organization once they have hired. 

To ensure this, it is crucial that the new hires are given a remarkable onboarding experience. After all, the first impression could be the last one. There are plenty of things that are needed to be covered during the onboarding process. Documentation, orientation, training, and more. Tackling all these steps can often become a hassle. 

To help you with the same, here is a short guide on how HR managers can offer the best onboarding experience that will surely keep the employees motivated to work with the organization. 

  • Leverage digital tools for onboarding training 

Thanks to the advancement in technology, there are now several digital tools that make the lives of HR managers much easier. One particular tool that can do wonders for onboarding training of new hires is a learning management system. This tool can turn out to be beneficial for you and your employee both. 

Employers can leverage the tool to easily create and deploy training sessions to employees. They can add all the relevant information about the company as well as about their role in the organization. On the other hand, employees find it easy and convenient to access the information that is provided with the tool. 

One of the commonly used LMS is the iSpring Suite. As per the iSpring Suite reviews, it is a useful tool that offers several resources for organizations to use. 

  • Involve the team

One of the best ways to ensure that your new hires feel like part of the team is by involving the existing employees. When your current employees are already aware of the new employee, they can also share their ideas on how you can make the first day for new employees more eventful and memorable. 

Moreover, your employees should also communicate with all the internal stakeholders of the organization to ensure transparency. 

This way, new hires will not struggle with who they are supposed to report to and who they would be working with. When new employees learn about their employees, they tend to feel more comfortable in the organization. You can also assign an onboarding buddy to your new hires. 

The buddy can help them learn about all the formal and informal cultural habits of the organization. 

  • Keep checking in regularly 

One thing to keep in mind when you are planning to make the onboarding experience memorable for your employees is by ensuring that you are checking in on them even after a week. 

HRs are usually the first contact that employees have with the organization. Over a period of time, it is these HRs that the employees feel most comfortable with. 

You should keep a check on employees, ask them how they are liking the organization, and listen to the remarks if they have any. This will also help you learn if your employees are facing any issues that can hinder them from retaining and take the necessary steps. 


It is important for HRs to offer a remarkable onboarding experience to the employees. The onboarding process is when the new hire is introduced to the company and gets the first impression. If you don’t want the first impression to be the last one, it is best to ensure that your onboarding strategies are to the point. 

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