A Peek Through E-way Bill Tools

This article talks about different E-way bill tools that make the generation and filing of E-way bills easier and hassle-free. These tools are usually free of cost and don’t take much time. They are user-friendly too. Without beating around the bush, let’s delve deeper into it.

What is an E-way Bill?

An e-way bill also known as an electronic bill is a type of an online document or bill which comes under the purview of the GST regime. It is a unique bill number that is generated carrying details of the specific consignment involving the movement of goods. An e-way bill needs to be generated every time during the transportation or shipment of goods worth more than 50,000 Rs within state or interstate.

Generation of an e-way or an electronic way bill is not mandatory for the consignments of value less than Rs. 50,000. The E-way bill was introduced across the country on the 1st of April 2018 under the Goods and Service regime.

The physical copy of the E-way bill or electronic bill must be present with the transporter of the goods. The E-way bill must include information like goods, recipient, consignor and details regarding the transporter. The e-way bill eliminates the problem of having different bills for transporters and consignors.

Validity of an E-way Bill or Electronic Bill

The validity of the E-way bill will be counted from the time of the generation electronic way bill. Generally, the validity of an electronic way bill cannot be extended but it can be extended with the prior permission of the commissioner for the specific types of goods mentioned in the notification issued in this regard.

However, the validity of an e-way bill is measured in this manner:-

  • Less than 100 km of the transportation or shipment distance- It is considered one day.
  • Every 100 km or every part thereafter- One additional day will be counted.

What is an E-way Bill Software?

E-way bill software is a type of online cloud-based technological software that makes the generation of e-way bills or electronic bills quite easier. It is a fast, safe and secured method to adhere to all the E-way bill compliances.

E-way bill software reduces manual and human efforts. It leaves no room for error and provides outcomes with more than 90% of accuracy.

Benefits of Using E-Way Bill Software

It is tough to generate multiple e-way bills in the huge amount that too in so less time. The need for generating multiple e-way bills easily and without any complications gave rise to E-way bill software. As an E-way bill or electronic way bill is equipped with modern and smart technology, there are several benefits and advantages of using it. These are given below:-

  • E-way bill software generates e-way bills promptly. It reduces manual work and generates e-way bills accurately and seamlessly.
  • It helps in the bulk generation of e-way bills. It helps in the generation of multiple e-way bills for a single vehicle without any interruption or hurdle.
  • It provides easy switching between the E-way bill portal and the system. 
  • It resolves the problem of incomplete and mismatched e-way bills. E-way bill software  provides accurate generation of e-way bills efficiently and smoothly.
  • The e-way bill software layout is quite user-friendly in nature. Even a layman can use it without any sort of external help.

E-way Bill or Electronic Bill API

What is an E-way Bill API?

E way bill API is an application programming interface that is used for smooth and facilitating communication between taxpayers or transporters systems within an E-way bill system. An API (Application Programme Interface) is a type of intermediary surface that allows two different applications to communicate between them. It acts as a middleman between two different applications. E-way bill API providers can directly communicate and interact with the NIC server for mass generation of e-way bills, taking bulk actions and other actions related to the e-way bills.

Types of E-way Bills APIs

E-way bills or electronic way bills APIs work on two different types and on separate environments. These are given below:-

  • E-way bill sandbox environment
  • E-way bill production environment.

Benefits of Using E-Way Bill APIs (Application Programming Interface)

As E-way Bill APIs resolve the problem of manual work and helps in generating e-way bill faster in a seamless manner. They are equipped with smart and modern technology and there are several advantages and benefits of using them. These are given below:-

  • It reduces manual work and does not require human interference. They are easy to use and are cost-effective.
  • As e-way bill API is a computer-based system, it does not leave any scope of errors. It generates results accurately and efficiently.
  • It avoids the duplicity of bills and invoices.
  • E-way bill APIs do not work in any restricted manner. It let developers or users modify and customise e-way bills as per their own requirements and needs. It does not follow any specified system or guidelines for the generation of e-way bills.
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