A Parent’s Guide to Helping Their Child Understand Tech

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Most parents have a love-hate relationship with technology. For example, they can be perfect gifts for 8 year old boys and girls. On the one hand, they enjoy keeping in touch with friends and family without leaving their house. However, on the other hand, there is a lot of concern about how much time children spend online and what impact this will have on them as adults. To address these concerns, we have created a guide for parents that outlines some tips for helping their child understand tech so you can feel more confident as your children spend hours every day playing games or watching videos online.

How Do You Know If Your Child is Addicted to Tech?

There isn’t an official definition of “addiction”in gaming, but many experts agree that those who play video games at a level that interferes with daily life may be addicted.

  • If your child is playing more than one hour per day on weekdays and two hours or more on weekends, they are likely spending too much time online.
  • Another sign of addiction could be when others complain about how often your child plays video games. In this case, they might not realize the impact their gaming has on those around them.

What are the Dangers of Too Much Screen Time?

According to recent research from Common Sense Media, children today spend an average of seven and a half hours using media every single day in some form. This includes watching TV/movies, reading print books, streaming videos online, and playing video games, which can negatively affect their physical, mental, and social well-being.

Too much screen time has been linked to obesity. It often leads children to choose sedentary activities like watching TV or playing video games, over-exercising, or being active outdoors.

In addition, many parents have expressed concern about the impact of technology on cognition because kids aren’t learning how to be strategic thinkers who could negatively affect academic performance in school.  

Why Kids need to Unplug and Get Outside          

To combat some of these negative side effects from too much screen time, experts recommend setting aside at least one hour every day where all devices are turned off so your child can focus on spending quality time with family and friends. They should spend some time outside, getting fresh air, learning a fun activity – like skateboard tricks using skateboard trainers, and just having fun!

Many believe that the best way to teach your kids about technology is by using it as a tool rather than providing them with constant access. This way they will understand how it works and what its limitations are to encourage critical thinking skills.

Tips on How Parents Can Help Their Children Work With Tech In A Healthy Way         

Some ideas for parents include:

  • Letting their child know when you’re going online or turning off all devices at night, so everyone gets enough sleep.
  • Being transparent about why certain rules exist, so children understand there isn’t anything to hide from them.
  • They are setting aside time each day where screens aren’t allowed, such as during mealtimes or after dinner before bedtime.
  • Creating a family media agreement to make sure everyone understands the rules and consequences of breaking them.   

The key to understanding the tech landscape is knowing how it affects your child—knowing what they are doing on a screen and why will help you guide them through this complicated world of technology. By learning more, you’ll be better prepared for your children’s future in an ever-changing technological society.

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