A novel Multilayer PCB Manufacturer

Today Unite PCB with over fifteen years of experience is known as the trusted online Multilayer PCB Manufacturer. They as well produce other efficacious products like HDI PCB Prototypes, Rigid-Flex PCB, High-Frequency PCB, 2-6 Layer Aluminum PCB, Special Material PCB, Ceramic PCB, Metal Core PCB, and more, the list is exhaustive.

More about this efficient Multilayer PCB Manufacturer 

This eminent Multilayer PCB Manufacturer made an initial investment of around ¥ 16 million to introduce the cutting-edge equipment of hardware products in the national as well as the international market. Presently, they have been highly successful to lay a solid foundation for not only  high-precision but also high-end PCB-related products.

Besides, the monthly production capacity of this Multilayer PCB Manufacturer has reached around nine thousand square meters, of which five thousand are small batches. This even includes some of the special materials and ultra-high requisites for the production of a special material board.

The mass production boards of this vital Multilayer PCB Manufacturer vary from a double-sized board to a sixty-layer board, and the other enviable products are ordinary boards, heavy copper PCBs, medium, and high Tg printed circuit boards, ultra-thin and ultra-thick PCB boards, and last but not least the halogen-free boards.   

Normally, for the production of aforesaid products the Multilayer PCB Manufacturer utilizes special processes like impedance, gold finger, half-hole, countersunk holes, blind gongs, etc., that are clubbed with innovative surface treatments. To name a few, HASL, immersion gold, lead-free HASL, gold, electro-nickel, OSP, electro-hard gold, immersion tin, immersion silver, and composite technology.

The incomparable products of the Multilayer PCB Manufacturer are used widely in different fields viz. Intelligent electronics, power, technology, industrial control, automotive industry, communication technology, medical control, aerospace, military industry, optoelectronic engineering, security engineering, etc. 

The authenticity and grand aim of Multilayer PCB Manufacturer

The Multilayer PCB Manufacturer has successfully passed a series of certifications such as CE, UL, and GB/T19001-2015 IDT ISO9001:2015 and has been awarded several times. They are market demand-oriented and have been providing their customers worldwide the punctual, high-quality, and convenient services. They truly believe in win-win, honest cooperation and mutual benefit business philosophy and desire to work together with their partners and customers to create a better tomorrow.

Moreover, their customer service staff is quite friendly and are ready day round to give the needed assistance to its clients and they can be followed almost through all the social media viz. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, etc. 

Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards of Multilayer PCB Manufacturer

The multilayer printed circuit boards of this Multilayer PCB Manufacturer are PCBs equipped with multiple copper layers. They have one or three layers of conductive materials that are embedded either in a single or a double-sided PCB. Usually, a multilayer PCB has a minimum of three layers of conductive material which is embedded in the center.

These kinds of boards are highly durable and run at much higher speeds. Additionally, they have a smaller size and lower weight making them truly compact. They have immersive use in medical equipment, computers, and industrial control systems. To learn more simply access 


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