A New Vision for MarTech: Recognizing Customers as Individuals

A New Vision for MarTech: Recognizing Customers as Individuals

In today’s competitive marketing landscape, several brands compete for the short attention span of customers. Businesses are looking for new innovative marketing technologies (MarTech) that can engage these digitally savvy but often distracted consumers.

Preethika Sathyamangalam Kalyanasundaram has been at the forefront of shaping the future of the MarTech industry by identifying innovative techniques to help businesses meet the rapidly evolving needs of the consumers. She understands that to stand out, brands need to evolve how they interact with customers on an individual level. As she explains, “In order for a business to grab the attention of the customer, they need to speak directly to the customer as an individual. Merely personalizing the message by addressing the customer by their first name is insufficient; rather they need to curate the messages specifically based on the unique attributes and needs of that individual”.  

According to Preethika, this level of hyper-personalized, omnichannel experience is only possible when marketing platforms are powered by data-driven insights and automation. Artificial intelligence (AI), in particular, has become a transformative tool in the MarTech industry. By harnessing machine learning and predictive analytics, AI unlocks unprecedented capabilities, from identifying the right audiences to making real-time recommendations based on their preferences. 

As a leader in this niche, Preethika Kalyanasundaram demonstrates a nuanced understanding of the synergies between emerging AI and evolving marketing technologies. She explains that by  leveraging predictive machine learning models marketing automation platforms are engaging in preemptive personalization. This is to predict what the customers want and will respond to even before they consciously realize it themselves.

During her tenure at Oracle, an established technology leader in the MarTech space, Preethika spearheaded AI integration into the CX marketing platforms. Excited by the potential of AI and ML, and the endless opportunities it offered, Preethika tackled one of the industry’s most prominent problems head on- the marketing message fatigue experienced by oversaturated customers. 

While marketers are very adept at personalizing marketing messages based on customer’s demographics, behaviors, interests, they struggle with anemic open and response rates. Preethika recognized hyper-personalization is not just delivering a personal message that speaks to the customer, but optimizing the frequency of messages. She introduced a patented system built on machine learning that analyzes individual engagement levels. It then automatically calibrates message frequency to target each customer, thereby maximizing open rates and positive responses. This innovation enabled genuine hyper-personalization by accounting for people’s changing attitudes over time, rather than the traditional one-size-fits-all approach.

Preethika then shifted her focus to another aspect of hyper-personalization, marketing message subject lines. She says, “No matter how well-crafted your message, it’s meaningless unless opened by the customer.”  Although marketers use A/B testing, they still rely on their instinct to write catchy subject lines hoping it will entice customers to open the message. In 2021, Preethika introduced a system that leverages machine learning to predict subject line performance. It provides scores assessing open rate potential and analyzes the impact of individual words on the subject line. This allows marketers to make data-driven decisions when crafting a very effective subject line.

The capabilities she introduced drew recognition from industry analysts and played a pivotal role in advancement of the MarTech industry. A recognized authority in the field, she is regularly invited to speak at leading technology conferences and serves as an expert on industry panels.  Known for valuing relationships and collaboration, Preethika attributes her accomplishments to her ability to inspire others to be the best version of themselves. 

In 2022, Preethika introduced a message designer platform with novel capabilities for marketers. The platform unified the experience for novice and advanced users to design integrated, consistent messaging across channels like email, web notifications, and SMS. By providing a user-friendly interface alongside advanced customization, it offered a comprehensive solution for marketers of all skill levels, distinguishing itself in the industry.

Preethika’s contributions continue to inspire and shape the future of the MarTech industry through thoughtful and human-centric innovations. When asked about advice for future leaders, Preethika emphasizes self-belief and courage. She says, “It is through passion and perseverance that you can chart your own course.”

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