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A New Global Crypto Mining Initiative Launched by Singapore-based GCGC

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GCGC Investments Ltd, a Singapore-based global firm, has announced a global mining initiative launch which utilizes blockchain technology and  decentralized finance (DeFi) architecture. Combining the gold and mineral resources mining industry which is centuries old with emerging new technology, the initiative aims to form a DeFi ecosystem that disrupts financial intermediaries. 

CEO of GCGC, Jonathan Shek, states: “The global system of commodities and mineral resources is the foundation for production around the world. Advances in technology have now created an urgent need to transform the very fabric of the trading and financial services systems linked to our systems of production. At GCGC, we combine the best in economic fundamentals with the latest technology to create a better way to trade, get access to financial services, and transform the mining industry.” 

A USD600 Billion Mining Industry Disrupted with Blockchain Technology and Green Mining Initiatives

Unlocking the latent value of gold and mineral deposits by fractionalizing participation, the GCGC ecosystem is powered by blockchain networks which tokenize gold, other resources as well as transaction settlements. 

GCGC is a shareholder of Trident Mining, and partners with their initiatives to identify and develop mines in Chile and Argentina. There are expansion plans to bring these mining efforts to Zimbabwe and Indonesia.

Utilizing bio-leaching reagents to recover gold from tailings, GCGC Mining also supports  green mining initiatives. When compared with leaching toxic substances like mercury and cyanide, the plant can reduce negative environmental impact and at the same time,  continue to extract value from the mines.

The GCGC Global Mining Initiative is going further with plans to buy in other mining companies and acquire more concession rights. They plan to initiate joint ventures with larger mining companies as well as to invest in technologies that support sustainable development. These actions will move GCGC Mining upstream in the value chain. The GCGC white paper has stated that its goal is to be “one of the largest mining companies in the world”.

DeFi: the Core of GCGC Mining, FinTech and E-Commerce Solutions

Using blockchain technology, DeFi architecture will be implemented as the core of the GCGC financial ecosystem. The three core businesses in the ecosystem are GCGC Mining, Pillar Finance (its fintech group) and ECEC which stands for Ethical Culture E-commerce, its e-commerce arm. 

GCGC develops mining assets all around the world and extracts profits for conversion into gold. Powering a global marketplace, GCGC creates a new financial and trading ecosystem whose token will, when regulations permit, be backed by vaulted gold. Pillar Finance supports trading using a wide range of DeFi services   to facilitate and drive international trade.

Adoption across an extensive range of trading and e-commerce platforms will give value to the token-based currency, which will be measured by its tradability with real world goods and services.  ‘Utilization Marketplaces’ powered by blockchain technology use  the GC$ token as the currency for trade and settlements, creating an entire e-commerce and trading ecosystem (ECEC).

GCT and GC$ Drive the GCGC Token Economy

The main utility tokens in the GCGC ecosystem, GCT tokens can be utilized in mining participation, fintech or e-commerce activities.

GC$ tokens have been designed to be the reward tokens used as currency settlement tools in the markets. They are used for exchanging goods and services in the markets.

Presently 1 GC$ token can be minted for every 100 milligram of confirmed resources, or  every 10 milligram of treasury gold bought or every dollar that is deposited into an escrow account.

Backed by a World-Class Team

The GCGC team is made up of world-class professionals. Specializing in industries like finance, mining, technology, investment banking and others.

CEO, Jonathan Shek, BPM: wide-ranging experience in project management, development and finance; civil engineering and venture capital experience in China and SE Asia; advised more than SG$10 billion worth of investments in SE Asia; managed construction of projects valued in excess of SG$5 billion.

Founder, Wee Tiong Howe: widely recognized as the father of financial planning; achieved national and regional success in the financial planning industry as well as the  insurance profession for more than forty years; Chairman of IPPFA with many recorded firsts, having overseen many changes to bring numerous improvements to the industry.

Chief Financial Officer, Merlina Hiu: extensive experience in global investment banking – leveraged finance, technology, telecoms, media, corporate finance groups; actively participated in IPO’s of businesses, M&As; also assisted the Republic of Philippines to issue US$1 billion of sovereign bonds.

CEO, Trident Mining Leon Aleksander: over 20 years of experience in precious metals, manufacturing, arbitrage/mining, import/export in Latin America, the United States and Asia; Founder/CEO of Trident’s gold trading company in Chile – to date, more than US$50 million worth of gold bullion exports.

Chief Technology Advisor(CTA), Lim Hui Jie: Founder/Executive Director of Vision Group which is an Innovation-as-a-Service technology group implementing blockchain, AI and cybersecurity technologies; sat on the Board of three listed companies; successfully listed his company onto the ASE (Australia Stock Exchange) in 2015 and achieved over USD 230 Million in market valuation.

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