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A new breakthrough in the sustainable production of aesthetic duvet cover sets has been achieved by daintyduvet.

They are on a mission to minimize the waste and carbon footprint caused by the textile industry.

Based out of Tokyo, Japan daintuduvet is a maker of premium bedding and duvet cover sets. With their sustainable and environmentally friendly production process, they are reshaping the way bedding is produced as it helps reduce the waste and carbon footprint normally associated with the textile industry.
daintyduvet’s innovative production process starts when the order is received. All bedding and duvet cover sets that they offer are made to order. Since daintyduvet does not need a huge warehouse to keep an inventory, they keep no inventory. This way, carbon footprints are being minimized right from the first step. The bedding and duvet covers that are products are sent directly to the customers right after production.

To cope with rising demand and to efficiently deliver to their customers worldwide, daintyduvet operates in multiple locations. The creative department, business development, and customer support teams are in Japan. At the same time, they also have tailors and fulfillment partners on board in different cities in North America, Europe, and Asia. They aim to deliver high-quality premium bedding and duvet cover sets consistently. 

This sustainable and efficient business model also enables daintyduvet to monitor the production system closely, create more designs, and successfully set higher quality standards than mass-produced products. 

According to the founding team of daintyduvet (from their headquarters in Tokyo), “Lock-downs & home quarantines, last 2020 brought us some realization, We need more than just having to feel at home. We need more positivity and color to help boost our mood. daintyduvet is on a mission to give everyone a ray of sunshine every day at their home by producing playful, vibrant bedding designs that match every personality. We will continue to expand our collection as our patrons are active in giving us their overwhelming support, feedback, and design suggestions.”

About danintyduvet

Being a company born in Japan, daintyduvet introduced its first design collection of Japanese bedding and duvet cover sets, featuring Kimono-inspired artistic design patterns. The said design collection successfully established its signature design and made the brand even more remarkable. Raving reviews and word of mouth from their customers made daintyduvet’s bedding and duvet covers a rising trend in bedroom aesthetics.

Regarding bedroom aesthetics, daintyduvet sets the bar high by producing bedding, blankets, and duvet cover sets with artistic design patterns. On their website, a wide variety of bedding designs can be seen. 

Watch daintyduvet Product Showcase:

Several customers of daintyduvet shared their reviews:

“Stunning design, quality soft cotton well made. Thank you. I love the fabric because it reminds me of my time in Japan. Utsukushii desu. Arigatou gozaimasu.” – Christiana Monored

“I wanted something different, and this is certainly it. Absolutely gorgeous seems to be of high quality, and the price is excellent. I may even get another one.” – J. Stephen 

“Looks great. Very soft and doesn’t smell artificial.” – Elyssa

“The bedding came promptly, and the quality has been good so far! I ordered this for my Chinatown-themed AirBnB in Victoria, Canada, so it gets washed a lot in between guests. I purchased three sets. They are holding up well, and my guests seem to enjoy them! The design helped me make a statement in the room. Highly recommended.” – khristina21, Canadian Airbnb owner

“My son chose this duvet cover for his new Shinto bed. The fabric feels smooth and silky but has still been tough enough for a teenage boy. Once we received this (fairly quickly for an international shipment during the Christmas rush), I was surprised to find that full-size down insert measurements vary wildly. After checking the duvet cover’s measurements against the inserts on EVERY bedding website, I found LL Bean was the closest match. ” – llagasse99

“I was skeptical about quality and service, but this was too beautiful to pass up, so I had to give it a try! Let me say the quality and on-time delivery exceeded my expectations! If you are on the fence, it is a worthwhile investment. Their customer support is also really nice! She checked in to make sure I was happy with my purchase. I did not require any exceptions on my order, but the extended customer service alone was really appreciated! Thank you.” – Monica

daintyduvet offers free worldwide shipping for orders over $49. daintyduvet also accepts special arrangements and wholesale orders from hotels, resorts, and Airbnb owners aiming to have a themed bedroom to attract guests and upgrade the overall stay experience.

For more details and information, visit their website:

For updates, follow @daintyduvet on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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