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A Magic Find RF Chieftain Build For POE 3.22 – Tanky, Cheap To Get Started & Screen-Wide Explosions

In my pursuit of experimenting with non-meta builds in POE 3.22, I came up with a magic find character utilizing the reworked Chieftain ascendancy

If you’re looking for a tanky and budget-friendly magic find build that uses GPU melting explosions that cover the entire screen, then this build is perfect for you.

Why Using The Chieftain Ascendancy For A Magic Find Build?

Firstly, with the revamped Tosalio and Valaco ascendancies, it’s effortless to attain the maximum 90% resistances with minimal investment in those modifiers.

With the Ramako, Sun’s Light removing the need for heavy investment in Curse and Elemental Penetration, gearing the Chieftain ascendancy is made easy.

Secondly, Hinekora, Death’s Fury combined with Fan the Flames gives us easy off-screen clears if we invest in ignite chance. Which build benefits the most from easy gearing and off-screen clearing of large packs? A magic find build.


Pros & Cons

Here are the pros and cons of the build.

For the pros:

  • Not a bow build. 
  • It’s easy to gear up. It is possible to run the build with less than 10 Divine Orbs.
  • Relatively tanky build with some investment. 
  • Satisfying explosions everywhere. 
  • Doesn’t need a Headhunter for the build to feel good.

For the cons: 

  • The single target is abysmal if you don’t work around it.
  • You need to constantly dive in the center of packs because we are using RF for our clears.
  • Susceptible to damage over time.

Passive Tree

Now, let’s shift our focus to the passive tree.

We’re leveraging the power of Supreme Ostentation from our caspiro Elegant Hubris, enabling us to ignore attribute requirements.

If you have POE Currency to spare, consider acquiring passives that offer increased Rarity (Discerning Taste) or increased Life (Robust Diet). 

We also use Glancing Blows to double our chance to block at the cost of receiving 65% of the damage from the Blocked Hits.

In order to reach the Maximum Fire Resistance, we incorporate a Warrior’s Tale on the left side of the tree along with Ngamahu Makanga tattoos to obtain 5% Maximum Fire Resistance. The remaining strength nodes in the nearby area are converted to chance to explode. 

An additional 4% Maximum Fire Resistance is gained through the use of an Impossible Escape jewel for Unwavering Stance.


Finally, we obtain the last 6% needed to reach 90% through our Purity of Fire. We are also using Inspired Learning here for quality of Life.

The rest of the passives are like a regular RF build, but instead of the fire damage over time passives, we’re taking the Chance to Ignite.


For the cluster jewels, the most important here is Fan the Flames to spread our ignites and Mortifying Aspect that helps us fit in all of our auras.


Moving on to the equipment, we are using almost all of the standard magic find unique POE Items: Sadima’s Touch, Goldwyrm, Bisco’s Leash, Ventor’s Gamble and Greed’s Embrace.

You can substitute an Immortal Flesh belt if you need more survivability.


We can get a cheap Ventor’s Gamble since we don’t care if the lightning and cold resistance rolls are bad. I bought these for 15 Chaos Orbs each. I’m still experimenting if a Flammability on hit ring is essential, but a second Ventor’s Gamble works fine.

The most expensive part of the build is Defiance of Destiny. This amulet is a big boost to our survivability since we’re always diving in packs. 

For the shield, I’m using The Surrender. You can substitute this with a shaper shield with percent life when you block in +3% to Maximum Fire Resistance since the Fire Resistance tattoos are currently expensive.

For the helmet slot, you have plenty of choices. You can use a standard magic find helmet like the one (Empyrean Crown Eternal Burgonet) I’m using. The Formless Flame gives you a lot of armor, but it doesn’t have a Life mod.

I’ve also tried using Fairgrave’s Tricorne combined with Torment Atlas Passives or you can use an elder RF helmet (Oblivion Salvation Royal Burgonet), but this is expensive.

For the weapon slot, you don’t really need a weapon like mine since 1

Hinekora, Death’s Fury is carrying our clears. A budget Scepter with +1 to fire spells with damage over time mods will do.

Our flasks are pretty standard. We use a Quicksilver Flask (Masochist’s Quicksilver Flask of the Rainbow), Basalt Flask (Masochist’s Basalt Flask of the Tortoise), Quartz Flask (Flagellant’s Quartz Flask of the Order), Gold Flask (Transgressor’s Gold Flask Gold Flask), and Life Flask (Masochist’s Eternal Life Flask of Alleviation ).

You can use Oriath’s End for more explosions if you have the POE Currency to spare.

Gem Links

Moving on to our gem links, my RF is in the helmet slot since I was using a RF helmet before.

RF (Righteous Fire) is linked with Awakened Elemental Focus Support, Awakened Increased Area of Effect Support, and Lifetap Support. 


I’m also using Fire Trap linked with Burning Damage, Lifetap, Trap and Mine Damage and Swift Affliction.

I also have a Vaal Breach here that helps with our bossing.

For our auras, we use Purity of Fire, Malevolence, Determination, Tempest Shield, and Vitality.

Note that your Purity of Fire needs to be level 21 and socketed in a +2 equipment, either in your helmet, gloves, or boots.

We’re using Shield Charge, Frostblink, Molten Shell and Infernal Cry for our movement and utility skills.

How To Run Maps Using This Build?

Now, on to a map showcase, I’m using Delirium in the Map Device, Ambush, Reliquary, and Divination Scarabs. 

Movement speed is slow because of Greed’s Embrace. But this will improve once I get the sulfite chests.

With this build, we don’t really need to stop and kill the small packs. Just keep walking and wait for the fireworks. When killing bosses, pop your Vaal Breach and pray for an explosion, so we can save time in filling the boss. 

This build excels at league mechanics that spawn a lot of mobs, like Legion, Expedition, or Ritual. 

We don’t really care for any negative mods from Eater Altars. Exarch Altars, on the other hand, is a different story. 

That’s basically it on how you run maps using this build. Just keep walking and watch them explode. If you encounter hard to kill mobs, just pop your Vaal Breach and throw down Fire Traps. Don’t forget to keep watching your health if you need to use Life Flasks. 

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