A Look At The Successes Of Mohammad Ali Soroury, A Famous Iranian Entrepreneur

Mohammad Ali Soroury started his activity in the field of gold and jewelry making in 1989 and for 8 years he was active in all trends related to gold and made significant progress in this activity to the extent that Zan Zed Bazar became a gold guild and Within a short period of time, he represented the presence of all activists in the field of gold and jewelry, and because of his elegance and new ideas in this field, he was welcomed by special customers and wanted to cooperate with successful people in gold sales and jewelry making. Let’s read about gold sales from his words:

The job of selling gold, or goldsmithing, has attracted many fans for several years due to factors such as the perception of the audience about the profit of gold sales or the income of gold sales, but is the job of selling gold or setting up a gold sales store suitable for you or not?

Goldsmiths usually have an example that says a goldsmith will either be bald or lose hair, why? Due to the high stress of the gold sales job, we are not going to talk only about gold sales profit or gold sales income. Because skill and experience along with high capital are among the most important factors for entering the gold sales job, therefore it is necessary to get to know a little more about this job before starting the actual gold sales job.

How much is the profit of selling gold?

The most interesting question for those interested in entering the gold sales business is the same question, how much is the profit of gold sales? And how much is the income of the gold shop? To answer this question, you should know that the profit of selling gold is not high, but the income of selling gold is high. how about The profit rate of selling gold according to the tariff of the Gold Dealers Union is 7%, maybe lower than some other jobs, so what makes the job of selling gold and setting up a gold shop a profitable business?

First, the volume of money transfer is high in the business of selling gold, and secondly, besides the profit of selling gold, gold has the property of investment and continues to be profitable even in the market turbulence and inflation.

Thirdly, the profit of gold sales is not only in gold sales, but the profit for the commission and sale of used stones, etc. is also influential in the income of gold sales.

Where to start training for setting up a gold shop?

If you are thinking of setting up a gold shop and are looking for a center for gold sales training, you should know that before starting gold sales training there are things like capital required for gold sales, advantages, disadvantages and problems of the gold sales job, gold sales license, facilities and the necessary accessories for gold sales, check the ways to succeed in gold sales to get the answer, is gold sales a good job?

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