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A Look at Motley Fool Success Rates

A Look at Motley Fool Success Rates

There are an abundance of stock advisor stocks for investors to choose from. Some range in reliability, and others range in the type of investor that they appeal to. For long term investors looking for reliable profit, the Motley Fool is a great choice.

Experimenting with the Motley Fool website and their content is highly recommended for any investor who wants to bring in long term, profitable gains in the stock market. They are highly respected within the investing world, with good reason.

The Motley Fool success rates are rather impressive for any stock advisor website. Over the last five years, at least 53 of their 120 stock recommendations have doubled in price. 33 of their 120 recommendations have tripled in price, and 22 have quadrupled. Investors who listened to their recommendations at the time they were released have been able to cash in on some major profits.

Because of these success rates, the Motley Fool has gained some very stellar reviews from trusted investing sources. Investors and professionals are impressed with their content and how they are able to assist others in getting a piece of the financial pie. 

Out of 120 stock recommendations over the last five years, Motley Fool has a 79% profitable rate. This means that 95 recommendations have been profitable for investors. While some sites focus on short term gains, Motley Fool is excellent in helping long term investors find the sites that will bring them stable, low risk investments. 

Even though all of their stock recommendations haven’t been winners, a large majority have been. The average return of their recommendations over the last five years has been 222%, meaning that if an investor would have promptly followed every recommendation they have given in this time, they would be looking at a very profitable portfolio. 

While Motley Fool focuses on long term gain, their 2021 recommendations have already shown some pretty promising returns. Their June and July 2021 recommendations are already up 17%, 27%, and 30% in less than one year. One of their most impressive returns from their 2021 recommendations is the one that they released in April, with an increase of 75% in less than twelve months.

While these recent recommendations are very impressive, so are some of their older recommendations. Since the time that Motley Fool recommended Amazon, the stock has increased over 21,000%. Netflix has shown a return of over 23,000% since their first recommending of it, and Disney has shown an increase of over 23,000% since the Motley Fool picked it for their investors.

While these recommendations were earlier, it’s not too late to join Motley Fool and reap the benefits. Their 2020 stock recommendations are already up an average of 76%, meaning that even their subscribers who are less than two years old are already turning some profit by listening to their advice. 

Motley Fool is profitable as they still give recommendations from Tom and David Gardner, who started the site in 1993. This sets them apart from other stock advisor websites. While these sites may be reliable, it can be difficult to know who exactly this information is coming from. This difference is evident in their stock recommendations’ long term profit.

Choosing a stock advisor amongst so many options can be daunting. If you are looking for a reliable stock advisor website for long term investments, giving Motley Fool a try is highly recommended. Doing so as soon as possible will help you to get in on all of their 2022 recommendations and not miss out on any possible profit. 

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