A Look at BNB Fintech, the New Crypto-Based Network

Cryptocurrencies are creating a new age of transacting in the financial system. Today, a large section of individuals are shifting their focus to digital assets. The quick acceptance rate is increasing the overall value of virtual currencies. At press time, the cryptocurrency market hosts 11,000+ coins with a market cap of $2.39T. 

Featuring recently in the crypto space is BNB Fintech, an innovative crypto-based ecosystem. The platform’s vision looks forward to combining digital currencies with a user’s everyday life. 

BNB Fintech hopes to achieve its mission by introducing a point-of-sale system for cryptocurrencies. It also plans on enabling a face-to-face option when making digital currency payments. That way, everyone can use virtual coins as a regular payment medium. 

What to Expect

In most cases, understanding the world of digital assets can be a difficult topic. BNB Fintech plans on changing this approach by giving a simplified process of buying and selling cryptocurrencies. The platform further uses its native asset, BNB Cash, to make the transaction procedures easier. 

The fintech’s team consists of experts who make sure that every functionality works as intended. It includes individuals with a wider knowledge of finance, IT, payment systems, and project management. 

In the future, BNB Fintech could add marketers and developers as part of their staff. Without further ado, we highlight some of the features found on the fintech platform. They include:

Debit Cards

BNB Fintech admits that not everyone is willing to accept cryptocurrencies yet. Hence, users with digital coins find a challenge in spending their holdings. Such instances make it harder to achieve the goal of crypto mass adoption. 

Through BNB Cash, users can acquire goods without worrying if various outlets may accept digital currencies. The fintech company might partner with Simplex to make debit card payments possible using BNB Cash. 

Simplex operates as a licensed financial body that handles crypto-to-credit card payments. What’s more, the platform supports 50+ fiat currencies and over 90 digital currencies. Simplex also works with Visa and Mastercard. Thus, the payment process deducts a certain amount of BNB Cash once individuals use their Simplex cards. Once the fintech network forms such partnerships, individuals can get more exposure to its native asset.

Peer-to-Peer Crypto Marketplace

BNB Fintech plans on taking a decentralized approach to manage the peer-to-peer marketplace. Here, users can buy and sell goods or services in exchange for BNB Cash. Moreover, the P2P marketplace may arrive with a unique method that ensures successful purchases. 

Sellers on the marketplace could have a chance of advertising their items. Interested buyers then request acquiring the seller’s goods. The system withholds the buyers’ payments so that they can arrange the pickup procedure. In the end, funds go to the seller once buyers receive their commodities. 

A Point-of-Sale System

A point-of-sale system involves a process whereby merchants prepare an invoice for customers. At the POS, customers pay merchants for acquiring certain goods or services. Traditional POS systems normally include multiple machines which process the customers’ transactions. 

The fintech’s POS solution narrows down the process into one machine. On top of that, the system supports fiat and digital currencies. That way, merchants can monitor and handle their business’s cash flow in real-time. 

The outlets can also obtain payments from transactions without delay. A POS system pushes for the use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in the merchant economy. In turn, BNB Cash becomes more visible and applicable when making payments.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

BNB Fintech looks forward to developing its digital currency wallet. Holders can use the fintech’s internal wallet rather than working with external wallets. On the e-wallet, users can monitor their spending habits and make purchases on the POS system. 

Individuals can also track their points and transaction details using the digital wallet. The wallet development process comes after the above features are complete. That way, BNB Fintech can create a unique e-wallet that meets the needs of a user. 


BNB Cash has a total supply of 200M with the following distribution criteria:

  • 60M tokens go to the public and airdrop programs, equivalent to 30% of the whole distribution. BNB Fintech has set aside 2M tokens that will cater to the airdrop event. What’s more, the program plans on running for five years while releasing the tokens in different phases. Thus, the remaining 58M is going to follow that procedure to stabilize the asset’s value. The move also prevents the possibility of price manipulation.
  • The founding team receives 30M tokens, equating to 15% of the distribution, to be locked for six months. Locking guarantees investors that the platform intends on remaining operational. 
  • A presale event that hopes to distribute 14.5% of the tokens. The percentage distribution means that the presale will release 29M tokens. A presale gives the platform enough funding to start working on various developments. 
  • 24M tokens are set to launch on the PancakeSwap platform. Investors who miss out on the presale can purchase BNB Cash on the platform. Hence, the amount takes up 12% of the total distribution.
  • In-house full-stack developments account for 20M tokens (10%). This amount caters to employing technological partners in the future. The platform may also use 0.33% of the asset’s transactions to fund developments
  • It has a marketing program that plans on using 16M tokens, equivalent to 8% of the total distribution. It further takes up 0.33% of the token’s transaction to finance the marketing initiatives.
  • 14M (7%) tokens are set aside to cover future partnerships. The amount focuses on teaming up with beneficial partners who can uplift the new platform.
  • Lastly, the remaining 3M tokens go to the whitelisters. Despite cancelling the whitelist and presale, the fintech still feels the need to reward investors. According to BNB Fintech, the whitelist investors took part in promoting the platform from the start.

The Fintech’s Roadmap

BNB Fintech is awaiting its first exchange listing in Q4, 2021. It also plans on concluding its token distribution phases and continuing with the marketplace development. An auditing procedure is also on the platform’s planner. 

In 2022, the fintech network hopes to launch the debit card feature and a POS application. More exchange listings are set to come before the end of 2022. 


BNB Fintech is showing its dedication to establishing a crypto-based payment network. The platform’s structure plans on housing multiple features in one place. Moreover, buyers and sellers can connect and trade various goods or services. Digital currencies also gain more exposure to the changing financial market. 

At BNB Fintech, everyone is incentivized to use and hold BNB Cash. Such a mechanism ensures that the native asset’s value grows over time. Besides, the token achieves more utility in the real world. 

All developments are set to be complete by 2023 and present users with a fully equipped payment solution. As more users engage with the platform, the mass acceptance of cryptocurrencies becomes clearer. 

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