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A Journey Into The Life & Mind Of The Quantum Plane

The Quantum Plane was born from Detroit, Michigan was raised by a single mother and the aid of his grandmother. The Detroit rapper has been through a unique childhood which will had a huge impact on shaping his character and later his rap style.

Early Life

Quantum’s mother was working two jobs and had to hustle at the same time so she can afford him a respectful life. She did her best but taking care of a family by herself wasn’t easy those days. The Quantum Plane did not live the best life but it helped him into becoming who he is today.

The Quantum Plane started to rap in junior high school and began to go to record music at a studio in the attic of a neighborhood trap house with his associates back then.

The Quantum Plane’s Rebirth.

Living life at the bottom didn’t stop him from looking forward to the top of the game. He always had avision; ‘’ The only constant thing in life is that everything changes’’. That means, your current situation won’t keep forever, but you must act, you must do something.

He had the spirit to never stop following his dreams and his ambitions. He always knew what he was supposed to do and never focused too long on the negative aspects. He wasn’t paying attention to the dark daily life he was living, all his attention was focused on what he can do, how he can improve himself, and how he can change the environment around him. ‘’Your energy is all that you have, focus your energy on what you can do, never look back, unleash that power from within you’’ Quantum said.

He had plans to gain success as a songwriter and musician, he lived a different life than his peers, he had been in situations that altered his path, and he understood the world at a young age. He was wishing to share what he learned during his journey artistically with others.

But later he discovered entrepreneurship and decided that it was the real deal. He did a realistic decision by following the money road instead of the artistic one. ‘’Music saved my soul while entrepreneurship saved my life’’.

Although he has been involved in the music industry for the past 20 years and has recorded songs, his entrepreneurship mindset and vision are still strong as ever. This is what prompted him to venture into social media management and start his own company.

He is now a lead marketeer who helps other upcoming artists to build their names in the game, and influencers to enhance their social media growth.

His company is specialized in media branding, management services, and more that could take rappers and influencers to another level.

To get in touch with The Quantum Plane contact him at the links listed below

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