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A Guide to Improving Home Security 

Looking for ways to improve your home’s security? It is best to install the latest home security gadgets. These gadgets can secure your home and protect your home from intruders. It is easy to find affordable and ingenious gadgets on the market. It is also easy to install these gadgets. 

If you are always worried about your home security or you want to feel more secure in your home, then you should choose smart tech. Smart tech is the best choice because you can use your smartphone to control it. Here are the top reasons to use smart tech to secure your home: 

Monitor Your Home Remotely 

Smart locks are more secure than the average door locks. You can use your smartphone to lock and unlock your door remotely. You will just install an app on your phone. And you will need a tag, key card, fob, or PIN code. You do not need to have keys. Once you select your locking preferences, you can lock and unlock everything remotely. 

Do you want to go on holiday? You do need to leave your spare keys with your family or friends. However, if you want someone to water your plants while you are away, you can just add them to your security system. It is quick and easy. You will have more control over who will have access to your home. 

In addition, you can install multiple locks throughout your house. You can even connect your smart locks to your smart home system. Therefore, you will be able to control everything from a central hub. 

Control Your Home Lighting Remotely 

If you are not home, you are more likely to leave your lights on. People leave their lights on to deter potential intruders. However, criminals know that many people leave their lights on while they are not home. Thankfully, you can control smart tech from anywhere. If you can hook up smart lights, such as Philips Hue bulbs, in different rooms, you will be able to turn on your lights from anywhere. You will use your phone to control your home lighting. 

It is even better to set routines and schedules. You will know where your lights will turn on and when they will turn off. 

Use Home CCTV to Cover Every Angle 

You no longer need large outdoor security cameras to monitor your home. It is easy and affordable to get sleek and discreet home security camera systems. You can place small cameras, such as Arlo Essential Spotlight, wherever you want. Use these cameras to cover your windows or back fence. If you want to secure your whole house, you can just add more cameras. 

Home security camera systems provide a wide field of view and great-quality videos. In addition, they have motion sensors. The best home security camera systems feature a weatherproof design, motion detection skills, and night vision. That is why they can protect your home throughout the day. 

It is easy to take control of smart CCTV. You will just link your camera to an app. Therefore, you can use your laptop or smartphone to view your cameras from anywhere. Additionally, some camera systems feature two-way audio. So, you will be able to talk to your visitors. It is easy to access your old video on cloud storage. That is why your home security camera systems will not clutter up your device. Utilizing this tech with traditional means of security such as fences or gates, alongside metal balconies & balustrades in Scotland can help keep your home safer.

Upgrade Your Doorbell

Installing a smart doorbell can help improve your home’s security. The field of vision of smart doorbells is wide. You can use your phone to check who is at your door. You do not even have to be at home to know who is at your door. Smart doorbells may feature a mic and speaker. So, you will be able to talk to your guest. 

Smart doorbells provide extra security. They can also help you accept parcel deliveries when you are not at home. The delivery person will ring your smart doorbells. You will get a notification and you can talk directly to the delivery person. Smart doorbells have motion sensors. You will, therefore, know when there is someone at your door. You do not have to go outside to know who is at your door. You will feel more secure since you do not have to go outside. 

Your smart doorbell can detect nocturnal wildlife, such as foxes. However, this can disrupt your sleep. If you do not want your smart doorbell to detect nocturnal wildlife, adjust the motion detection range.

Control Your Security System from a Smart Speaker or Hub 

You do not need a security room or several screens to manage your smart security tech. You can monitor and control all smart security systems from a smart speaker or compatible hub. You can use a voice assistant, such as Siri, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa, to control your security system with your voice. It is, therefore, possible to check your backyard, turn on your cameras, hit your lights, and lock your doors from one place. 

Once you decide to install a smart home system, you need to start with a speaker. Smart security tech, such as doorbells, lights, smart cameras, etc., are compatible with one voice assistant. Therefore, you have to ensure your smart device offers that connectivity. 

Some smart security kits, lights, sensors, and cameras can easily connect to the Google Nest range of speakers and hubs. You will find everything you need in the Google Home app.

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