A Guide to Downloading Microsoft Office in WPS Office for Free as an Undergraduate Student

Microsoft Office in WPS Office


PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and other popular productivity applications are all part of the well-known software company’s Office suite. However, students commonly need to utilise Office by Microsoft for educational use since it is used so widely in so many different commercial situations. Thankfully, there are ways for students to obtain Office 2010 from Microsoft for free. We’ll help you through the process of microsoft office download for free as a student in this post.

Part 1:  Find out whether Your Institution WPS Office Offers Microsoft Office at no cost:

Many schools have partnerships with Microsoft, allowing students to access Office 365 Education for free.

Visit your school’s website or contact an IT staff member to inquire whether they have Office 365 Education licenses for students.

Part 2:  Office Education for Students in 365:

If your institution has Office 365 Education, follow these steps to download it at no cost:

  1. Go to this Office 365 Education page for teachers to access the Microsoft website. 
  2. Enter the email address of your school that your school provides. 

WPS Office 365 Education comes with Online versions of Office applications and the capability to install and download full desktop versions of Office on different devices.

Part 3:  Microsoft Students Advantage Program

If your institution doesn’t provide Office 365 Education, you might still be eligible for this Microsoft Student Advantage program.

The Student Advantage program lets students use the download feature and install Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus for free on their devices.

Part 4:  How to Downloading Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus?

Check that your device meets the requirements of your system for Office 365 ProPlus.

  • Go to this page for the Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus webpage for students.
  • Please enter the provided school email address.
  • To log into the agenda, as well as use the personal address and account of your educational institution.

Other Cost-Free Options:

There are a multitude of cost-free options you can utilise if your college does not provide access to it:

If the school you attend does not offer access to it, there are several open-source alternative you may use.

Over the years, the Office programme from Microsoft has undergone several modifications. The most popular ones include Office 2019, office 365, Office 2016, Office 2013, Office 2010, and previous versions like Office 2007, Office 2003, etc., as well as Office XP. Every version has distinctive configurations and special features.

Part 5:  How do I purchase Microsoft Office?


Versatility of WPS Office

Microsoft Office can be purchased in a variety of ways:

Office Suite: For a certain version of Office, the Office Suite acquires a perpetual licence that enables users to set up and operate the application on a single device.

Office 365: This online subscription service gives users access to the latest editions of Office applications across multiple devices. It has different plans available for households, individuals, and companies.

Volume Licensing: Organizations, as well as businesses, can acquire licenses to multiple customers using the use of volume licensing programs.

Part 7:  Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Are you able to access Microsoft Office available for Mac?

Microsoft Office is indeed available for Mac computers. Microsoft offers a specific version of Office designed for Mac users WPS Office with the same features as Microsoft Office for Windows. Windows version.

Q2: Do I have access to the files in my Microsoft Office files on mobile devices?

Microsoft indeed offers mobile-friendly versions of Office applications for iOS and Android devices. The mobile versions allow users to edit, view, and even create documents while moving with access to a Microsoft account and an appropriate device.

Q3: Are there alternatives for Microsoft Office that are free? Microsoft Office?

Sure, there’s a no-cost alternative in place of Microsoft Office available. A few of the most popular alternatives are Google Docs, Sheets, Slides (part of Google Workspace), LibreOffice, and Apache OpenOffice. They offer the same functionality WPS Office and are suited to basic requirements for productivity.

Q4: Do I have to Install Microsoft Office on multiple devices?

The capability to install microsoft word download on multiple devices depends on the kind of subscription or license you are using. With certain Office 365 subscriptions, you can install the software on several devices to use for personal purposes.


Being a student and a user of Microsoft Office can significantly enhance your productivity and allow you to achieve your academic goals. You may download and install Microsoft Office WPS Office for free if your school offers Office 365 Education or if you look into possibilities like its Microsoft Student Advantage programme. 

If the complete Office suite from Microsoft is not available to you, another option is to think about utilising free alternatives like Google Docs or LibreOffice. Take use of effective methods of productivity while you pursue your academic objectives.

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